Central African Republic

Forty-one percent of Central African Republic’s 5.1 million people are 14-years-old or younger. In the 2013-2014 season, 77,280 shoebox gifts from the United States will be delivered to children in Central African Republic, which first received the gifts in 2005. Since then, 360,349 children in Central African Republic have received a shoebox gift.




Spiritual Impact Stories


The Name of Jesus
Areas of the Central African Republic are seeing significant change in the spiritual landscape. In a local church in Bangui, for example, 33 children gave their lives to Jesus during an Operation Christmas Child shoe box distribution and were baptized. Local church leaders report that although people of other faith had once been wary of Christians, now many of them are coming to the church to receive these gifts and heard the Good News of the Gospel.


The Power of Prayer
A local volunteer reported: “A strange thing happened after the shoe box distributions in Bangui. There was a woman who taught The Greatest Journey lessons to the children, who was sick. She spent two weeks without meeting the children because she was very ill, to the point of not moving from her bed. Under the inspiration of God, the children gathered around this woman and prayed. The result is that God answered and this woman was healed. This was not because of the prayer from pastors or elders in the church, but because of mere children who learned how to pray. Many churches now believe in the value of ministering to children through TGJ. Amen!”


Planting Churches
Three different denominations have testified that through the shoe boxes, four new local churches have been established.