Animals, urban gardens, small business grants, and more help families leave poverty behind.

Some parents have to make a choice between feeding their children and sending them to school. Some parents have to decide between leaving their families to seek work and staying home in suffering. Education, clothes, healthy food, and clean water come at a high cost for vulnerable people living in difficult situations.

That's why Samaritan's Purse offers a variety of livelihoods projects around the world to help families better provide for themselves now and long into the future. A few chickens can help children eat healthier with fresh eggs. Goats can be sold to pay for schooling. An urban garden can help a mother buy clothes for her little ones. A $400 grant can help start a business and change's a family's future.

These programs and others like them are tackling financial poverty head-on. And, Samaritan's Purse is also addressing even deeper needs. We point men and women to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, offering hope for today and eternity.

Hawa is one among many who have benefited from our livelihoods projects worldwide. She received bees and training in Lofa County, Liberia, and is grateful for the spiritual encouragement as well as added income.

Through this program, they talk to us more and more about Christ, she said. I learned He is the Creator of this universe. When I am at my apiary and I'm working with my bees, I think, ‘God is wonderful! He makes a lot of wonderful things!’ By the grace of God, we will have a thousand hives, and produce a lot of honey, and many people in our community will benefit and have their own beehives.