Blessing a New Mother in Christ

November 15, 2013 • Iraq

A group of ladies bless a Muslim woman with a baby shower, showing her the love of Christ.

By Hallie Powers, a Samaritan’s Purse staff member in northern Iraq.

I had the distinct privilege and honor of attending a baby shower for a Muslim lady named Nazreen a couple of weeks ago. What made it so special is that it was hosted by a group of Christian women on their day off from work. I had just arrived the night before from the United States, and we were invited to visit one of Samaritan’s Purse’s ministry partners in Chamchamal.

This team of Christians spend their time hosting conferences and guests, working in the medical clinic on site, and teaching English, literacy, sewing, health education, and computer courses. But on the only full day off for these staff members, they planned a beautiful baby shower for Nazreen, whose first child is due on October 27th. One of the women who organized the shower called her the morning of the event to confirm the plans. Nazreen said, “I am so excited, I was not able to sleep last night!”

When we arrived at Nazreen’s house, only she and her husband were there. The ladies had previously told Nazreen to invite her friends and family, but she said she didn’t know if anyone could come. After a little while her sister, Shireen, arrived, but no other friends or family attended. I was a little sad, but so thankful for our ministry partners who organized the party and made this a special memory for Nazreen.

The women each made different foods. One made a beautiful pink cake (inside and out) because Nazreen is having a girl. Others made cucumber and PB&J sandwiches, brightly colored cookies with filling inside, and shortbread cookies with a cream cheese topping. And of course, there was hot tea to go with all of the treats.

They even brought decorations for the baby shower! And of course, they did not forget to plan the games. They printed off a bingo game and personalized it by gluing pictures of the women attending the shower, including Nazreen. There was a “guess the baby food flavor” game for a few volunteers, myself included, as well as a game where you had to get the bottle to the baby through a maze. Each game winner received a delicious, Swiss chocolate bar!

And what would a baby shower be without the gifts? These ladies literally showered Nazreen with gifts for her new baby girl. They gave her a pink baby seat, diapers, pink towels and bib set, and beautiful, handmade headbands. There were also tons of cute, little clothes and even some clothes for Nazreen. They also gave her a beautiful headscarf and a DVD called “Having Your Baby.” One of the ladies, a massage therapist, even brought lotion and gave Nazreen a massage after the shower.

At the end, we were able to pray with Nazreen. Adriana prayed that God would bless her and her family and help her with the birth of this precious baby girl. My heart was full as we left her humble house that day. Everything that our ministry partners did to plan this shower was such a beautiful display of Christ’s love in action.

Mark 10:45 tells us that “even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” These women truly served Nazreen through this baby shower and showed her a real life picture of the Christ who gave His life as a ransom to save her.

Please pray for Nazreen’s baby, who is in a breech position right now. Nazreen is very afraid that she will not be able to give birth naturally. Please pray that God will change the position of the baby so that she could see His miraculous power and come to know Him as her Lord and Savior. Pray also for Nazreen’s sister, Shireen, that she will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus as well.