Demonstrating God's Love to the Wounded in Mosul

June 2, 2017 • Iraq
Our medical team has treated more than 1,700 patients with traumatic injuries due to gunfire, land mines, mortar rounds, and other explosives.

Audio Stories from the Emergency Field Hospital in Mosul

Iraqi army and coalition forces continue to advance against ISIS insurgents, and the battle for Mosul is cruel and costly. It does not play favorites. Innocent children, mothers, and fathers are not just caught in the crossfire—they are targets of horrific violence.

Snipers take aim at civilians crawling out of their homes and trying to flee toward safety. Many are on the brink of freedom when a bullet finds its mark. Those who survive need immediate medical attention.

Samaritan’s Purse established an Emergency Field Hospital just outside of Mosul to meet the urgent need for medical care on the frontlines. Medical staff have treated more than 1,700 patients since the hospital opened in early January, and they’ve performed more than 900 major surgeries.

Life inside the hospital is marked by trauma, heartbreak, celebration, and mourning. About half of our patients are women and children. All victims of war receive medical care, including ISIS fighters.

Northern Iraq Projects

The audio story below features firsthand accounts from our staff who are serving at the Emergency Field Hospital. Azher* tells what it’s like working on the security team and being the first one to open the ambulance doors when it arrives at the hospital–never knowing who is on the other side or the severity of their injuries.

Nurse Katie Morales shares her experiences working in triage and the weight of making life-and-death decisions in a war zone.


The images below are all from the Emergency Field Hospital where our medical team is serving in Jesus’ Name. Please pray for our teams as they work to alleviate suffering and show Christian compassion to every patient.

*Name changed for security.

Northern Iraq
Northern Iraq Projects Samaritan's Purse continues to help meet the long-term physical and spiritual needs of those displaced by ISIS. Among our projects, we are offering a variety of livelihoods programs to assist the Yazidi people, and we have set up child-friendly spaces for boys and girls to learn and grow while staying in camps as well. We are also facilitating the return of Christian families to their homes and churches in the Plains of Nineveh. They need our help to repair damage, replace doors, windows, and fixtures, and paint over ISIS graffiti as they reclaim their towns in the Name of Jesus.

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