Hospital Improvements Continue

August 3, 2012 • Nigeria

Abby Anderson, who works with her husband, Mark, to manage the Egbe Hospital revitalization program in Nigeria, gives an update on the project.

We spent a week updating the maternity ward.

We started first by moving out all of the moms and babies to a temporary location for work to be safely done. Equipment and beds were then moved, the curtains were removed and washed, the walls and ceiling were scrubbed by hand, and then both the walls and the ceiling were painted.

A new wall and door were built to separate isolation patients, and the bathrooms were spruced up with working plumbing fixtures and paint. Then we moved everyone back into their newly renovated ward.

Thank you for all the teams involved in this endeavor. It was a lot of work, but it turned out great!

Maternity ward “before”. Notice the crumbling ceiling!

Building the isolation wall.

Working on the isolation wall.

The ceiling is painted, and now Kale is scrubbing walls in prep for paint.

Wow! Looking good! Kale with paint touch ups, and Susan cleaning.

Intern Will helps Gbenga hang the privacy curtains.

The walls are painted! Mark and Susan moving beds back in and cleaning up the construction mess.

Completed Wall and renovations in the maternity ward.