Pointing Young Eyes to God in Northern Iraq

November 16, 2015 • Iraq

A woman shares how God brought her to teach displaced children

Submitted by our field staff in Northern Iraq

The following is a Q&A with a teacher at a child-friendly space for Yazidi children run by Samaritan’s Purse.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?1507IQ-C4-001_2015_10_CFS Ghada

I come from Ramadi in southern Iraq, but I married a man and moved to this village a few years ago. My family is Christian, and we go to church here in our village.

What have you experienced since ISIS starting pushing people into this part of Iraq?

We felt very sad for the people who had to leave their homes. There were so many children running around who couldn’t go to school and didn’t have anything to do. At first I wasn’t interested in helping the children because I never really liked to work with kids. But then I started praying to God to let me help some of these Yazidi people. I felt like God wanted me to work with the kids.

What was it like to start the project?

At first it was difficult. We had to get approval from the government to work with the Yazidis. Then the kids were so traumatized that they would hide in the corner or cover their eyes and ears if they heard a high voice. They seemed so hopeless and depressed. Every day I started to pray that they would hear hope and see a way out of fear as I teach them a story from the Bible.

1507IQ-C4-003_2015_10_CFS Interview

What story are you teaching today? How do the kids respond now?

Today, I am teaching the story about the little boy who gives his lunch (two fish and five loaves of bread) to Jesus. Jesus takes his small lunch and does a miracle that feeds thousands of people! As you can see, the children listen carefully to the story. I do a little quiz for them afterwards to see if they were listening. They love to tell me the details that they have learned. I just keep praying that God will let them see Him in each story. I want to point their eyes to God.

What do you want people to know about this situation? How can we pray for your work here?

Please ask people to pray that these people will see that God is with them. Even my other teachers had to run from ISIS, and they are still learning that God was with them then and now. Pray that they will find hope in God.