Pray for Pastor Saeed
August 27, 2013 • United States

Pastor Saeed Abedini’s wife asks for prayer support as her husband remains unjustly imprisoned in Iran

Naghmeh Abedini is calling on Christians in the United States to join her in a prayer vigil for her husband, Pastor Saeed Abedini. September 26 will mark one year since he was imprisoned in Iran’s brutal Evin Prison for living out his faith in Jesus Christ. The Abedinis and their two young children are American citizens who live in Boise, Idaho. Pastor Saeed traveled to Iran last year to help build an orphanage on land that he owns and has obtained the proper permits for.

“My husband is in jail simply because he loves Jesus Christ,” Naghmeh said. “When God’s joy and peace shine through in times like this, the world looks at it and says it doesn’t make sense. But they know there must be something behind it, so it draws the world to the reality of Christ.”

A recent appeal to reduce the 8-year sentence was rejected by Iranian courts on August 25.

“While we remained hopeful that Iran would use its own appeal process to finally show respect for Pastor Saeed’s basic human rights, again Iran has demonstrated an utter disregard for the fundamentals of human rights,” said Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice in an article on The American Center for Law and Justic represents Abedini’s wife and their two children.

Saeed continues to be a witness in his prison and has already led 30 other prisoners to Christ. In fact, many of the prisoners’ wives call Naghmeh to ask her to explain more about Jesus to them as well.

Naghmeh described how her faith in Christ has sustained her through this ordeal:

“In the midst of this trial, I have God’s joy and peace. Here in the United States, we are so distanced from persecution. As we pray for Saeed, I hope this is a time for American Christians to unite as the Body of Christ and kindle a fire for the sake of the Gospel. I’m trusting that God will bring revival. We know that God will honor the prayers of His people.”

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