Hospital Evangelico, Siguatepeque, Honduras


Mission Organization: Asociacion Hospitalaria Evangelica (Central American International Mission)

Profile: Founded in 1948 by the Central American Mission (CAM International) of Dallas, TX, and run by Asociacion Hospitalaria Evangelica of Honduras. It is a 51-bed hospital with lab, X-ray, pharmacy, a dental service, and a community health program. The hospital has several sub-specialists on staff. The hospital has (2) operating rooms, (1) OB/delivery area, (2) X-ray machines, (1) portable X-ray, (3) ultrasound machines, (1) C-arm, an echocardiogram machine and an orthoscopic tower. A three-year technical school located at the hospital trains young women as auxiliary nurses, lab techs and X-ray techs.

Travel: Fly into the city of San Pedro Sula, travel via paved highway about two hours.

Time Difference: -1 hour Eastern Standard Time and –2 hours Eastern Daylight Time

Location: Located in Siguatepeque, Honduras, 80 miles north of the capital Tegucigalpa in the geographical center of the country.

People: Ninety percent of the people are mestizo (mixed Indian and European background). The other people groups consist of Europeans, Palestinians, African, and Asian ancestries, along with many indigenous Indian tribes.

Language: Spanish is universal and interpretation services are very limited. A few staff members speak English. Fluent Spanish is required for IM, PD, FP.

Religion: About 20 percent of the population call themselves Evangelicals. While predominantly Roman Catholic, there is complete freedom to preach the Gospel.

Climate: The hospital is located in the mountains at 3,700 feet with moderately cool mountain weather. The hospital is built on the slopes of the hill Calanterique, which overlooks Siguatepeque.

Housing: Housing is available on the hospital grounds. It includes indoor bathroom facilities, with hot showers and electricity (110 volts).

Food: Meals are served in the dining room of the hospital. There are also some restaurants in town.

For More Information: Contact Sandy Souto by email or by phone at (828) 278-1006.