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  • When children are desperately hungry, they often need specially formulated food to save their lives EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $9
    Child Feeding Projects 013710
  • For just $7 you can help show compassion to young boys and girls through a week’s worth of hot EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $7
    Hot Meals and Feeding Programs 013801
  • A $35 gift can help us deliver enough food to sustain a family for a EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $35
    Emergency Food 013562
  • In poverty-stricken areas of the world, Samaritan’s Purse staff and our church partners EXPAND

    Suggested $35
    Food Parcels & Family Assistance 013803
  • A cup of milk is a delicious source of essential vitamins, protein, and calcium, which are vital to EXPAND

    Suggested $4
    Milk & Nutrition Projects 013753
  • Scripture tells us that when we reach out to help “one of the least of these” we are expressing EXPAND

    Hunger Relief Programs 013947