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  • Each year, Samaritan's Purse delivers millions of gift-filled shoeboxes to boys and girls all EXPAND

    Operation Christmas Child 013477
  • Your gift can help Samaritan’s Purse reduce the mortality rates of women and their young children EXPAND

    Cambodia - Maternal and Child Health 013985
  • Your $150 gift goes towards providing a child with a quality education, school supplies, nutritious EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $150
    Share the Cost: $15
    Haiti-Greta Home & Academy 013962
  • For just $25, Samaritan's Purse can provide a child or adult with clean clothes and shoes that EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $25
    Clothing Needs 013651
  • Your $35 gift can demonstrate His love by providing food, housing, healthcare, and other essentials EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $35
    Samaritan Children's Fund 013386
  • For just $7 you can help show compassion to young boys and girls through a week’s worth of hot EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $7
    Hot Meals and Feeding Programs 013801
  • A gift of $250 can supply specialized equipment, corrective surgery, or schooling to help a child EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $250
    Share the Cost: $25
    Children with Disabilities 013731
  • A $75 gift can provide a child with daily necessities, safe shelter, counseling—and an EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $75
    Children in Crisis 013508
  • Your gift of $30 can help protect a victim of gender-based violence, provide basic education, or EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $30
    Women's Projects 013977
  • Your $100 gift can help provide education, vocational training, prevention programs, or other EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $100
    Human Trafficking/Exploitation 013964
  • Your gift of $20,000 goes towards building a one-room school that can make a difference for EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $20,000
    Share the Cost: $20
    School Construction and Upgrades 013752
  • The Children’s Heart Project identifies children with life-threatening heart disease in countries EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $2,200
    Share the Cost: $22
    Children's Heart Project 013687
  • A bite from one malaria-infected mosquito can be lethal in developing countries. The disease kills EXPAND

    Suggested $10
    Malaria Prevention & Treatment 013903
  • A cup of milk is a delicious source of essential vitamins, protein, and calcium, which are vital to EXPAND

    Suggested $4
    Milk & Nutrition Projects 013753
  • Children are the most receptive audience for the Gospel. Samaritan’s Purse furnishes ministry EXPAND

    Suggested $25
    Christian Education 013730
  • Tragically, hundreds of young mothers and thousands of newborns die every day from preventable EXPAND

    Suggested $45
    Prenatal & Maternity Care 013717