Global Internship Program

“Go and Do Likewise” (Luke 10:37)

The Samaritan’s Purse Global Internship Program is an opportunity for college students and recent graduates to use their skills to impact the hurting world in a tangible way. Whether at our international headquarters in North Carolina or in one of our field offices around the globe, young professionals will experience the intricate workings of an international non-profit while being a part of the greater calling to help impact the world in Jesus’ Name.

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Now accepting applications for Summer 2017

Internship Dates: May 30 – August 4


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Check out what our interns are doing as they serve in the Lord in places like North Carolina, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Sudan, Cambodia and another dozen locations internationally.


What Others Are Saying…

“My colleagues taught me how to work with passion- my Sudanese friends taught me how to love with sincerity. I went to serve, but left with being served in a way that will change my life forever. ”

– Airiss B., Accounting, South Sudan

“My time working with Samaritan’s Purse in Haiti taught me spiritual endurance and commitment in the midst of being out of my comfort zone. I experienced genuine relationships that I will never forget despite the language barrier and overall differences in a new culture. I consider it a privilege to have seen first-hand the lives God is changing in Haiti through Samaritan’s Purse.”

– Lauren S., Greta Home and Academy, Haiti

“This internship has provided me with opportunities for growth in both my professional and personal lives. I was able apply theories and methods that I had learned in the classroom and develop skills that will serve me well in a future career in Public Health. Further, this internship has provided me with the opportunity to experience the global body of Christ in new and refreshing ways. Throughout my time here in Cambodia I was challenged by my co-workers to pursue a more vibrant and intimate relationship with the Lord. I was also reminded daily of my dependence on the Lord and my inability to do anything apart from him.”

– Carrie R., WASH, Cambodia

“Interning with Samaritan’s Purse has been a life changing experience. I was stretched beyond anything I ever imagined. I have been immersed in a work environment that cultivated both independence and professionalism, while living in a culture that has reinvigorated my faith.”

– Daniel G., General Intern, Niger

“This was an incredible summer I will not soon forget. I learned the value of professional and relational development, I experienced the depth of a new culture, and in the midst of these, I grew in my knowledge and dependence on Christ.”

– Laurel L., General Intern, Iraq

“The broadcast internship was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. All of the work I got to do during the summer was challenging, and I got to use my creativity, and that is such a huge blessing. It was inspiring to be watching people work on projects with footage from around the world of people from all walks of life, and I know that the people I’ve met through this internship will be lifelong friends.”

– Erin F., Broadcast, Boone, NC

“Samaritan’s Purse strives to do their work with excellence, and the internship program reflects that goal completely! I never expected I would walk away from an internship feeling filled spiritually, cared for deeply on a personal level, and gaining the kind of professional growth and experience I now have!”

– Karissa J., Operation Christmas Child International, Boone, NC

“This internship was probably the single most valuable element to my college career. Everyone was so quick to offer praise and extend a hand of grace when needed that it became actually fun to walk into work each day. Because of that, I wasn’t constantly worried about my performance, but rather was my work an acceptable offering and act of worship to God.”

– Justice J., Operation Christmas Child Domestic, Boone, NC

“I see the Gospel come to life in the most unexpected ways here – even through something such as a budget proposal or final report. The Gospel and sharing it as part of our projects is always at the forefront. Samaritan’s Purse is providing international relief and development – but more importantly, they are providing hope beyond what anything in this life can offer.”

– Megan K., Communications, Boone, NC

“I had never considered working for a non-profit. But now, I would like nothing more than to come back to Samaritan’s Purse to start my career.”

– David S., Operation Christmas Child Domestic, Boone, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what this incredible opportunity entails, what kinds of internships are available, and more. Click the questions below to get all your answers.

Why intern with Samaritan’s Purse?

Serving through the Samaritan’s Purse Global Internship Program provides individuals opportunity to develop and grow their skills in a professional setting at our international headquarters in Boone, NC or in one of our international field offices. Our interns do not make coffee; they are given the opportunity to experience the intricate workings of an international non-profit while being a part of the greater calling to help impact the world in Jesus’ Name.

What does a typical internship look like?

There is no typical internship with Samaritan’s Purse. Work varies by department and current needs. Here are examples of what past interns have accomplished:

For Domestic:

  • Programs and Government Relations: Assisted the Disaster Assistance Response Team leader of Samaritan’s Purse response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
  • Operation Christmas Child – International: Traveled to Cyprus and Singapore to help facilitate annual national leadership conferences.
  • Communications: Traveled to New Jersey to write a story on the response efforts for Hurricane Sandy. Helped with media requests during the Ebola outbreak.
  • Programs and Government Relations: Worked directly with the Vice President to write and edit a nationally published opinion piece. Researched, developed and wrote his testimony for the congressional hearing on the Ebola outbreak.
  • Programs and Government Relations: Researched and developed a protocol for patient stabilization after snakebite, now implemented in South Sudan field office.

For International:

  • Cambodia: Designed infographics reflecting our response efforts for the refugee crisis on the border of Thailand. Traveled to project sites to develop and design country overview booklet.
  • South Sudan: Worked with headquarters to implement a new financial database while working with the national staff on daily budgetary duties.
  • Haiti: Worked with health staff, developing training tools for Maternal and Child Health program to teach and equip locals through community outreaches and individual home visits.
  • Mozambique: Wrote and photographed projects around the country to document and illustrate Samaritan’s Purse work in Food and Economic Security, Health and Nutrition, and Water and Sanitation.
  • Philippines: Worked with program manager executing logistics to provide clean water for schools. Taught hygiene classes and developed promotional materials throughout the country.

To read more on what a typical internship looks like, visit our intern blog.

Is this a paid internship? What additional expenses are covered?

Yes! We offer competitive stipends for both internships. Domestic Interns receive a competitive monthly stipend and will have the opportunity to live for free with a host family from Samaritan’s Purse. For International Interns, we offer a monthly stipend and will also cover housing, visa, required immunizations, and flight costs. Transportation to and from Boone, NC for orientation will be the responsibility of both domestic and international interns. Samaritan’s Purse will reimburse for up to $200 of travel fees.

When are internships available and when are the deadlines?

2017 Terms:

  • Summer: International and Domestic. Application opens November 1, 2016. Application closes February 28, 2017.
  • Fall: International only. Dates to be announced.

What does the selection process look like?

Our Global Internship team will review all applications before conducting preliminary interviews with qualified applicants. They will recommend top candidates to department hiring managers and/or senior management team in each country office, who will conduct further interviews to make their final selection.

What are the program qualifications?

Current undergraduate or graduate students and recent graduates are eligible for the internship program.

What kinds of academic backgrounds are you looking for?

Candidates with backgrounds in all fields of study are welcome to apply. The strongest and most talented applicants will be placed within the organization in a position where they can learn and contribute with their current skill set.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

No, we gladly accept applications from non-US citizens.

Are the internship dates flexible?

The dates listed on the website for each term are mandatory. No exceptions.

How do I apply?

Questions? Contact Us.

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Serving through the Samaritan’s Purse Global Internship Program provides individuals with the opportunity to develop and grow their skills in a professional setting at our international headquarters in Boone, NC or in one of our international field offices.

Now accepting applications for Summer 2017!

Internship Dates: May 30 – August 4