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Persecuted, but not Forsaken

The World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Yemen has lost over 230,000 lives to civil war during the last six years and that number continues to grow. Even away from the frontlines, the country is in turmoil. The rapid decline of the local currency combined with widespread unemployment is making it difficult to feed a family.

Right now, children in Yemen are dying from lack of food. Even those who are fortunate enough to survive malnutrition are likely to experience physical and mental challenges into adulthood.

Samaritan’s Purse is investing in the future of Yemen by treating acute malnutrition and other medical conditions in children and families.

280+ women & children have been treated for acute malnutrition
200+ pregnant & breastfeeding women have been educated on how to better care for themselves and their children

Meet a few of these precious ones we’ve been privileged to help.

woman praying


We are bombed from time to time, but we bear this because it is difficult to find shelter elsewhere.”

“Our village is still on the frontlines and we are bombed from time to time, but we bear this because it is difficult to find shelter elsewhere,” said one mother named Oma*. Her husband earns a meager daily wage so “we can only buy basic items: bread, a little milk, some tomatoes and potatoes,” Oma said. She also deals with the scarcity of clean drinking water. She and many of the others in her village have become ill drinking from the nearby well.

On top of all this, her son, Hassan*, recently suffered from malnutrition. “He was frequently sick, pale, and emaciated,” said Oma, but the assistance she received from Samaritan's Purse “alleviated [her] child's suffering.”

The family received monthly nutritional supplies from the clinic and health workers visited her home to follow up with Hassan. Now instead of having to borrow funds to treat Hassan's condition, he's been restored to health, free of charge. In addition, other members of the family are able to visit the clinic and receive free medicines.

“I have always hoped that someone would reach us who could help us, but I did not expect this much attention,” said Oma. “I do not know how to thank those who feel our suffering and contributed to this support.”


This helped save my child's life…at a time when no one was aware of our suffering or offering to help.”

Mina*, another mother, lives in constant anxiety and fear. She is uneducated and her husband is disabled from a stroke, so finances are always tight. They must borrow money from neighbors to cover their housing and food expenses for their five children, ranging in age from 15 years to 9 months old. The second oldest, Abdullah*, suffers from sickle cell anemia and Nabil*, the youngest, was severely malnourished.

Samaritan's Purse supplied free medicines and nutritional materials for Nabil as well as treatments for Abdullah and their father.

“This helped save my child's life,” said Mina. “Providing nutrition and health services in the neighborhood restored hope to me at a time when no one was aware of our suffering or offering to help.”

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I began to notice my child playing instead of sleeping or crying.”

“We live in a house that is only one room with an external bathroom without a roof,” said Sabra*, a mother of five girls. “My husband is a low-income worker who cannot pay our rent. We suffer from great financial pressures because we are displaced from a village on the frontlines of the conflict.”

Due to the high inflation in food costs, Sabra's family often goes days with their only food being bread, tea, or milk. When her children get sick, she suffers, too. “I do not know what to do with the high prices of medicines and the difficulty of accessing public hospitals,” Sabra said.

Her 1-year-old daughter Mary* grew thin and suffered from malnutrition, so Samaritan's Purse supplied nutritional supplements for the child. We praise God that within a month, she started to improve. “I began to notice my child playing instead of sleeping or crying,” Sabra said.

In addition, they received a food basket and a bag full of hygiene supplies for the family.

“There are many, like us, whose children go to bed hungry and cannot find money for treatment,” she said. “Thank you for helping the vulnerable.”

*Name changed for security

More than 2.25 million children under 5 are suffering from malnutrition
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