Kibuye Hope Hospital, Burundi – Anesthesiologist

Kibuye Hope Hospital, Burundi – Kibuye Hope Hospital is located in the central region of Burundi (Gitega Province) approximately 2 ½ hours from Bujumbura. It is a 110 bed facility (30) surgical, (35) maternity, (35) pediatrics, and (10) medicine. Long-term expatriate staff include (1) American general surgeon, (1) American family practice doctor, (1) American Ob/GYN, (1) American med/peds physician, (1) American ophthalmologist, and (1) American emergency medicine physician. There are also (6) Burundian general medical doctors.

Climate: Temperatures range from 60-85 degrees. Rainy season is typically January through April and the dry season is June through September. No air conditioning is needed at the elevation of 6000 ft.

Anesthesia: There is general anesthesia capability, but the vast majority of cases are done under spinal or ketamine. There are (2) trained Burundian anesthetists (the equivalent of a CRNA in the US). There are no ventilators or ICU care at this time.

Laboratory: Limited laboratory tests are available, generally including CBC’s, malaria smears and rapid tests, urinalysis, creatinine, HIV, Hepatitis B/C, LFT’s, blood glucose, type and crossmatch, and sickle prep. No cultures are available.

Radiology: There is (1) fixed digital x-ray machine. There is (1) ultrasound machine in the surgery clinic, (1) in OBG, and (2) in the emergency room. There is no long-term radiologist on staff.

Common Diseases/Trauma: The most common conditions treated at the hospital are traumatic injuries, malaria, URTI/LRTI, gastritis/PUD, hypertension, malnutrition, gastroenteritis with dehydration, TB, meningitis, congestive heart failure, pregnancy-related complications and HIV/AIDS.

Teaching: Kibuye Hope Hospital services as one of two primary teaching hospitals for Hope Africa University medical and nursing schools. Medical students do both clinical rotations and coursework at Kibuye for approximately 4 months per year during each of their 3 clinical years. KHH also trains two surgical interns per year. Volunteer physicians are expected to participate in medical education within their area of expertise.

Requirements: Volunteers are required to serve a minimum of 2 weeks, not including travel. Fluency in French is not required. Medical missionary experience is required. This is an ongoing need. Visa will need to be acquired before departing for Burundi.

If you are an evangelical Christian AN currently licensed in the US or Canada and are interested in volunteering to meet this need, please contact Carly Poor by email or by phone at 828-588-1274.