ELWA Hospital – Trinity Dental Clinic, Liberia

Trinity Dental Clinic, Paynesville City, Liberia – Trinity Dental Clinic (TDC) is a 4-chair dental clinic, offering basic dental at the lowest price possible. The clinic consistently sees 25-35 patients a day. Since opening in 2005, the clinic has registered and treated on average 4,650 patients annually. The clinic also outfits and supports “satellite” clinics around the country. At present they have 2 Liberian dental therapists and 1 Liberian “in-house trained” dental hygienist that is managing the workload.

Some dental treatments are dependent on the availability of short-term specialties. Dental offerings include standard dental treatments, surgical treatments and an education and training program. They also provide treatments requested by local healthcare facilities, such as OPG X-rays and histology analysis.

Climate: The warm season lasts from January to early May, with an average daily high of 91 degrees F and a low of 75 degrees F. The cold season lasts from early July to mid-September, with an average high of 83 and a low of 73 degrees F. Monrovia receives on average 182 inches of rainfall per year, or 15.2 inches per month. The driest time is in January, with the wettest being in June.

Urgent Needs: Volunteers are required to serve a minimum of 2 weeks, not including travel time. This need is ongoing as the Liberian Government requires periodic visits by trained and licensed dentist in order to keep the clinic open.

If you are an evangelical Christian dentist currently licensed in the US or Canada and are interested in volunteering to meet this need, please contact Becky Richmond by email or by phone at 828-278-1203.