ECWA Hospital Egbe, Nigeria

ECWA Hospital Egbe in Nigeria has an urgent need for medical volunteers in a variety of specialties. The specialists needed include: AN, CRNA, EM, FP, GS, IM, Neonatology, OBGYN, Pediatrics, RN, Nurse-Mid-Wife, NP, Nurse (LPN), Clinical Lab Tech, Dental Hygienist, and Sonography.

ECWA Hospital Egbe, commonly referred to as Egbe Hospital, is located in Egbe, Kogi State, Nigeria. Founded in 1952 by SIM missionaries, it was later transferred to ECWA (Evangelical Winning ALL), the Nigerian mission agency affiliated with SIM. Egbe Hospital is a rural teaching hospital serving a large population in Kogi State. The hospital covers 33 acres with 68 buildings. Each year the hospital cares for 15,300 patients, performs 426 operations, delivers 288 babies, and conducts 17,000 x-rays and lab tests, while sharing the Gospel with all who come to the hospital.

There are six main wards in the hospital: male ward, female ward, children’s ward, maternity ward, isolation ward, and OPD (out-patient department which includes ICU and Emergency. There is also an operating theatre with 2 operating rooms, a recovery room and consultation area. Two private rooms are available for VIP guests. Departments include outpatient, eye center, radiology (including ultrasound), laboratory, pharmacy, and under fives clinic. In addition to the services delivered on the wards and various departments, the hospital provides antenatal care, family planning, immunization, pastoral counselling, and HIV/tuberculosis screening, treatment and counseling. A fully equipped new dental clinic with 4 dental chairs staffed by a dental hygienist and visiting dentists offers dental services.

Volunteers fly by commercial air to Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. The hospital is approximately a six to nine hour drive from Abuja, depending on road conditions. It is necessary to overnight at a guesthouse prior to being driven to the hospital the following day. Orientation to the hospital is provided by the medical director or his designate.

English, Yoruba, and Yagba Yoruba. Additional languages: Hausa, Igbo, Fulfulde, and Pigeon English. All hospital staff speaks English and about 50% of the patients speak English. Charting is done in English.

Please contact World Medical Mission placement coordinator Kandi Burgess by email or by phone, 828-278-1575.