Tenwek Hospital, Kenya—Pediatrics

Tenwek Hospital, Kenya—Tenwek Hospital located in Bomet, Kenya, is a 300-bed referral hospital with a wide range of surgical, medical, maternity and pediatric services. Tenwek also participates in the Kenyan Family Medicine program which allows volunteers to come that are interested in teaching residents. Families are welcome. A minimum service of two weeks plus travel is required; one month service or longer is preferred.

Pediatrics:  The pediatric department cares for patients in the 40 bed pediatric ward, the 40-bed neonatal ward, and in the ICU as needed. They are called for deliveries as needed for neonatal resuscitation. They also see patients in consultation from the pediatric clinic daily. The team consists of 4 interns, a long term consultant, and occasionally, a medical officer (national doctor who has finished internship but has not had advanced training yet) or family practice residents. In neonates, they see congenital anomalies, hypoxic brain injury, sepsis, and prematurity.  In children, common illnesses are respiratory diseases, gastroenteritis/dehydration, TB, HIV, meningitis, malnutrition, and rheumatic heart disease.

The individual volunteer is responsible for all costs associated with the trip. World Medical Mission personnel will provide assistance in arranging all travel including international flights and in-country travel, as well as any needed medical licenses, visas, or permits.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Dayna Wright by email or by phone at 828-278-1168.