Tansen Hospital, Nepal – January thru April 2018

Tansen Mission Hospital – Nepal — Tansen Mission Hospital is located in the Palpa district, a ten-hour drive west from Kathmandu, the Tansen Mission Hospital serves as a zonal hospital for the region and has a catchment area of almost a million, extending into India. It has a rich heritage, being one of the first clinics to be opened in Nepal in the early 1950’s and consequently has a very good reputation with the Nepali people. The facility officially has 140 beds but often will have more than 150 inpatients. The services offered include surgery, pediatrics, general medicine, obstetrics, gynecology and dentistry. A five-bed burn unit was opened to care for the many severely burned patients that come to the facility. The hospital is considered very family friendly.

URGENT NEED: Searching for an Orthopedic Surgeon to serve at Tansen Mission Hospital to serve for a time of 56 weeks minimum between January and April, 2018 in order to cover the absence of one of the long-term surgeons who will be on furlough.

The individual volunteer is responsible for all costs associated with the trip. World Medical Mission personnel will provide assistance in arranging all travel including international flights and in-country travel as well as any needed medical licenses, visas or permits.

If you are a orthopedic surgeon currently licensed in the United States or Canada and are interested in meeting this need, please contact Sandy Souto by email or by phone at (828) 278-1006.