Galmi Hospital, Niger—Medical Coverage Needed, 2 Doctors Each Month

Galmi Hospital has an urgent need for medical coverage for the following specialties: FM, FP, IM, PD.

Galmi needs an additional two doctors each month who can cover general medical/pediatrics. This may be an internal medicine physician, general/family practitioner, or pediatricians. Galmi accepts volunteers for four weeks’ minimum, for those who are coming to Galmi for the first time.

Galmi is a 184-bed hospital, including surgical, general medicine/pediatrics, obstetric, ICU, and emergency, located in a remote but well-traveled area at the edge of the Sahara Desert. The hospital also has a very busy outpatient department, with 200 to 500 people seen daily. In addition, the hospital offers eye and dental services, nutritional education, and HIV/AIDS education and treatment.

The long-term physician staff consists of two general surgeons, one of which is Nigerien (speaks fluent English) and the other an American, one OBG from Germany, one general medicine physician from Switzerland, two American family practice physicians, one American internal medicine physician, and one American pediatrician. The hospital serves a large part of the population of Niger, as well as those that come from Nigeria, Chad, Algeria, Mali, Benin, and Burkina Faso.

Climate: December to March temperatures range from 55°-95°F. The hottest months are April, May and October with temperatures ranging from 90°-110°F (often higher in April and May). The rainy season is June to September, with temperatures between 80°-100°F. It is moderately humid during the rainy season. Homes at Galmi have evaporative coolers or air conditioning.

Language: French, but Hausa is the language of most patients. English is used in the OR.

Religion: About 90-95% of the patients at Galmi are Muslim. Islamic beliefs are blended with traditional religious practices.

Charting: English or French. Translators are available for patient interaction.

The individual volunteer is responsible for all costs of the trip. World Medical Mission will assist in arranging all travel, including international flights, in-country travel, visas, permits, and/or medical licensing.

If you are a Christian physician specializing in FM, IM, GP, or PD, currently licensed in the U.S. or Canada, and are interested in meeting this urgent need, please contact Kandi Burgess by email or by phone at 828-278-1575.