Mbingo Baptist Hospital, Cameroon – On-going need for Internal Medicine physicians

Mbingo Baptist Hospital – Cameroon — Mbingo Baptist Hospital is a 310-bed referral teaching hospital, offering residencies for African physicians in the areas of surgery and internal medicine (which includes 25% pediatrics).   The facility is located in the Northwest Province of Cameroon. Long term expatriate staff include (1) American general surgeon, (1) American ENT surgeon, (1) American Plastic Surgeon, (1) American internist, (1) Swiss internist, (1) American internist/pathologist, (2) American pediatricians, (2) American family medicine physicians (part-time).  There are also (2) Cameroonian ophthalmologists, (1) Cameroonian ENT surgeon (who is the Chief Medical Officer), (1) Cameroonian orthopedic surgeon, and (14) Cameroonian nurse anesthetists.  The Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) is training 9 surgery residents and the Christian Internal Medicine Specialization (CIMS) has 10 residents.

There is an on-going need for Internal Medicine Physicians to assist the staff at this hospital with their heavy work-load.

Mbingo as a teaching hospital needs volunteers willing to participate in this vital role.  The IM workload is heavy.  In that way ones skill and talent can keep on being effective after ones mission trip is over.  Mbingo will accept for a minimum two week commitment, not including travel.  World Medical Mission as a short-term sending agency can send volunteers out from 2 weeks to 2 years.

All volunteers are self-funded. World Medical Mission will assist with booking flights, obtaining visas, medical registration, in-country travel arrangements, room and board.

If you are an evangelical Christian IM currently licensed in the US or Canada and are interested in volunteering to meet this need, please contact Becky Richmond by email or by phone at 828-278-1203.