Kibogora Hosptial, Rwanda

Mission: General Missionary Board, Free Methodist Church

Profile: Kibogora Hospital is a 258 bed facility, (69) Post-surgery, (38) Pediatric, (50) Internal Medicine, (44) Maternity, (8) Neonatal, (7) Emergency room, (16) Isolation and (12) Nutrition, and (14) private rooms located 100 miles southwest of the capital city of Kigali, overlooking Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Physician staff as of 2011 consists of 13 general practitioners. All are either Rwandan or Congolese. Most speak adequate English. Many of the physicians are able to do C-sections and some surgical procedures. There are (3) trained CRNAs usually available and several OR technicians. An American GS will be who will be on furlough through the end of the year. Other staff includes an American RN,  an eye clinic staffed by (1) Rwandan eye nurse and a dental clinic staffed by (2) Rwandan dental technicians. The hospital is averaging 120-130 inpatients and 140-220 outpatients daily. Kibogora has an average of 1100 deliveries, 400 major surgeries and 700 gastroscopies per year.

Travel/Orientation: Fly commercial airlines into capital city of Kigali. The following morning there is a five hour drive to Kibogora. Upon arrival there is a hospital tour and assignment to a “go to” person.

Climate: Rainy seasons are February through April and November and December. Temperature averages 70 degrees.

Language: French, English and Kinyarwandan. French and Kinyarwandan are spoken most of the time with nurses and patients. It is helpful to speak English to the physicians there as it helps them to learn English.

Charting: French but short term volunteers may chart in English. Translators available.

Surgery: There is one main OR and an adjacent “minor” treatment room. Surgeries are done every day, averaging 4 per day. Equipment includes: Cardiac monitor/defibrillator, oxygen, suction, bovie, dermatome. There is a gastroscope. The OR is equipped with basic surgical instrument packs. Basic suture materials are usually available. Sterile operating gloves are usually available unless the surgeon needs an unusual size. There are a limited number of external fixators for orthopedics. No laparoscopy is available. There is also an OR adjacent to the maternity ward that is used for C sections.

Anesthesia: Spinal, Ketamine, local and general.

Radiology/Ultrasound: X-ray with digital developer. Typical X-ray and barium contrasts. The radiographer at Kibogora also does EKGs. There are (2) well trained X-ray technicians. Ultrasound equipment consists of (1) FF Sonic 5500 & (1) Ultramark 4+. One machine (new model) is located in maternity and the other in the operating room.

If you are a U.S or Canadian OBG and are interested in helping with this need contact Elaine Graybeal, WMM Placement Coordinator, at 828-278-1605 or by email at