Tenwek Hospital, Kenya—Orthopaedic Surgery

Tenwek Hospital, Kenya — Tenwek Hospital located in Bomet, Kenya is a 300-bed referral hospital.

Orthopaedic surgery is one of the busiest services at Tenwek Hospital and Orthopaedic trauma is the primary focus as many patients with injuries from road traffic accidents present to the hospital on a daily basis. The younger patient population on the orthopedic service provides unique opportunities to minister and share the good news of Jesus Christ during their hospital stay. Although Tenwek is a rural mission hospital, the Orthopaedic inventory of supplies is one of the most advanced in East Africa, allowing broad options for surgical management of Orthopaedic conditions and injuries.

Hip and knee replacement surgeries and arthroscopy are also offered. Tenwek started the first PAACS Orthopaedic Surgery residency program in Africa so teaching, training and discipleship of African nationals provides the framework for all that is done in Orthopaedics at Tenwek.

The individual volunteer is responsible for all costs associated with the trip. World Medical Mission personnel will provide assistance in arranging all travel, including international flights and in-country travel as well as any needed medical licenses, visas, or permits.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Mrs Dayna Wright by email or by phone at 828-278-1168.