Karanda Mission Hospital, Zimbabwe—Urology

Karanda Mission Hospital, Zimbabwe—Karanda Mission is in a remote area of Northern Zimbabwe nearest to Mount Darwin, approximately 200 kilometers from the capital of Harare. English and Shona are spoken at the hospital. Ndebele is also spoken but is not used by many of the nationals in the area around Karanda.

The hospital is operated by one Canadian and two American physicians, in addition to one American physician’s assistant. The hospital is licensed for 150 beds. An average work day sees between 10 to 20 surgeries and 200 to 300 outpatients. The facility is known for the large number of surgical cases it handles, as well as treating HIV/AIDS, TB, obstetrics, and hydrocephalus.  This is an ongoing urgent need for a subspecialty in Urology.

Karanda Mission Hospital will accept first-time volunteers for a minimum of four weeks. Returning volunteers will be accepted for a two-week minimum not including travel. All volunteers are self-funded. World Medical Mission will assist with placement, booking flights, obtaining visas, licensing, and in-country travel arrangements.

If you are an evangelical Christian physician currently licensed in the U.S. or Canada and are interested in volunteering, please contact Carly Poor by email or by phone at 828-588-1274.