Drama Team Shares the Gospel in South Sudan Refugee Camp

agosto 9, 2019 • South Sudan

Samaritan’s Purse trained a group of Christian young adults to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through creative drama performances.

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Jumu arrived alone in Ajuong Thok refugee camp. His two brothers were killed during Sudan’s civil war, and his parents refused to travel south—terrified of leaving the only home they’d ever known in the Nuba Mountains.

The skits share critical information about health topics such as clean water.

The skits share critical information about health topics such as clean water.

Jumu, now 22, desperately wanted to find Christian fellowship in the South Sudan refugee camp, and he’s now experiencing that and more as he’s joined the Glory Drama Club.

“The drama group has become like family to me,” Jumu said. “When I am in need, they help me.”

Samaritan’s Purse trained Jumu and other Christian young adults how to engage refugee camp families by performing dramas that teach about God and the Bible. Our Glory Drama Club skits also speak to health topics such as nutrition, hygiene, and clean water, and social issues such as child abuse and the importance of education.

Many people who come to see the dramas are hearing these life-changing messages for the first time.

“The drama group has become like family to me.”

Samaritan’s Purse taught the team members—most of whom had never acted or performed before—how to write their own drama scripts and make all their costumes. The group performs weekly for large crowds in the camp, often in the open-air market.

Sharing His Story

Jumu’s favorite drama to perform tells the story of a mother and father who take their sick child to a witchdoctor for healing, a common practice in many African countries. Yet, after reciting spells and demanding the parents pay money and follow certain rituals, the child remains sick.

  • Jumu and the drama team members share the Gospel throughout the communities where they perform the skits.
    Jumu and the drama team members share the Gospel throughout the communities where they perform the skits.

Only a few years ago, Jumu experienced a similar situation while he was still living in the Nuba Mountains. No one knew why he was suddenly very sick, and the witchdoctor could do nothing to help. Although Jumu’s family was Muslim, a friend took him to a nearby church where the congregation prayed to God for healing.

Jumu sees now that his sickness was part of the Lord’s plan to bring him to church, where he not only received physical healing, but also heard the Gospel and received new life in Jesus Christ.
He learned—and so does the audience as the related drama unfolds—that only the God of the Bible has the power to heal.

Jumu said Glory Drama Group creates unique opportunities for him to tell his story of salvation. “I have God’s love within me. I can help those who are in darkness come to the light.”

Salvation Comes to Ajuong Thok

A somber heaviness is present in Ajuong Thok. Refugees struggle to make their monthly food rations last, most are unable to find jobs, and healthcare is limited. Families are still traumatized from living through horrific decades of war. Like Jumu, they have had loved ones killed due to war.

Samrin, right, in a skit about the dangers of healing through witchcraft.

Samrin, right, in a skit about the dangers of trying to be healed through witchcraft.

Jumu’s family also lost much of their land and livestock. Because of war, Jumu missed six years of school and is now working hard to catch up. His dream is to finish school and preach the Gospel full-time.

But Jumu and the drama group are already practicing bold faith as they share the Good News with refugees.

“We are not only acting; we go from house to house proclaiming the message of the Lord,” said 18-year-old Samrin, one of the drama club leaders. “God is using us through the Holy Spirit.”

The drama club shares the Gospel door-to-door in every community where they perform. As a result, people have come to faith in Jesus Christ and a church has even started in one block of the refugee camp where no church was present. The new congregation has built a small structure, and several hundred people worship together every week.

“Drama is giving hope to the community,” Samrin said.

Samrin is grateful for a platform to share the Gospel and important health and social messages, especially since most club members are young and would otherwise have a hard time earning an audience with older adults. Yet, “through acting, they will come and see,” she said.

“Drama is giving hope to the community.”

Glory Drama Club is not only encouraging refugees who have endured much pain, but its members are also being blessed.

“Since I joined the drama group, I started feeling an overflowing joy,” Jumu said. “Joy was not in my life since coming to the camp. [But now] we feel so much happiness because of what God is doing.”

Please pray for the Glory Drama Club as they share God's love with refugees who desperately need the hope of the Gospel.

Please pray for the Glory Drama Club as they share God’s love with refugees who desperately need the hope of the Gospel.

The Glory Drama Club is just one of several projects in which Samaritan’s Purse is encouraging and discipling Christians in South Sudan. After rebuilding 500 churches between 2005-2012, our focus now is on strengthening the faith foundation of the nation’s churches and empowering them to reach out to bring physical and spiritual relief to their neighbors in Jesus’ Name.

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