The Father's Love

julio 26, 2016 • Bolivia
Children's Heart Project Thiago
Thiago with two of his older siblings, his mother, and the Children's Heart Project coordinator in Bolivia

A Bolivian mother finds Christ after her son’s heart defect is surgically repaired

Juanita had a difficult childhood. Her father worked in the silver mines, and, when she was young, he passed away. Her mother was a strong woman and carried on with her six children, but, a few years later, she became sick and also passed away.

When she 21 years old, Juanita met the man who is now her husband, and they began their life together. After 17 years of marriage and three children, she became pregnant with another child, this time a beautiful baby boy, Thiago. But to Juanita’s dismay, he was born with a congenital heart defect. Faced with her son’s challenging situation, Juanita began to struggle again with the fact that she was without the love and guidance of her parents.

Children's Heart Project Thiago

Thiago with his mother, Juanita

In Canada, Thiago received a life-saving corrective heart procedure through the Children’s Heart Project, which brings boys and girls from around the world to North America for life-saving heart surgeries. But Thiago wasn’t the only one who was changed. Through the interpreter that traveled with them from Bolivia, Juanita heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God touched her heart, and she immediately recognized her need for a Savior in her life. From that moment, she began to feel the most surprising embrace from the best Father of all; God Himself held her in His arms. Through her Canadian host family and host church, God became more and more real in her life.

“It was incredible receiving so much love and care from people who did not know me,” Juanita said. “I believe God Himself was demonstrating His love, using all of these people.”

Thiago’s heart surgery was a success. Today he is a healthy child who can talk, run, and jump. As for Juanita, she has a new heart as well, one for all eternity. She is a woman who reflects the love of the Father as she now loves to give hugs and smiles to all. Even though she continues to experience life’s difficulties, she is actively aware of God’s blessings in her life. Juanita regularly attends a local church in Bolivia and is actively involved in a women’s Bible study group.

“I believe that I am another person,” she said. “God has changed me. Now I can laugh, and now I can love my children like God, my Father, loves me.”

About one out of every 100 babies has a heart defect that surgeons can routinely repair. Unfortunately, many of them are born in poor or remote places where their families cannot access the cardiac care they urgently need. Through our Children’s Heart Project, Samaritan’s Purse transports boys and girls from places like Bolivia, Mongolia, and Uganda to hospitals in North America. Doctors, hospitals, and host families and churches donate their time and services, but airfare is a major cost—typically $2,200 per person for international flights. For $22, you can share in this cost so that we can offer life-saving surgery and the unsurpassed hope of the Gospel. “But I have trusted in Your mercy; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation” (Psalm 13:5).
Salva la vida de un niño Uno de cada 100 bebés tiene un defecto del corazón que los cirujanos pueden correr como algo rutinario. Desafortunadamente, mucho de estos niños han nacido en lugares pobres o muy remotos donde sus familias no tienen acceso a los servicios cardíacos que urgentemente necesitan. Por medio del programa Children's Heart Project, Samaritan's Purse transporta a niños y niñas de países como Bolivia, Mongolia y Uganda hacia hospitales en Estados Unidos. identifica niños con condiciones de corazón de vida o muerte que viven en países donde no tienen la tecnología y el entrenamiento para su enfermedad. El programa los conecta con hospitales y cirujanos de EE.UU. que donan su tiempo y servicios. Los doctores, los hospitales y las familias e iglesias que reciben a estos niños donan su tiempo y servicios, pero los costos de los vuelos aéreos son los gastos mayores usualmente de $2.200 por persona en un vuelo internacional. Con $50 de donación, puedes compartir el costo y ofrecer una cirugía que salvará la vida de alguien y la inigualable esperanza de Jesucristo "el camino, la verdad y la vida" (Juan 14:6). "el camino, la verdad y la vida". (Juan 14:6)

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