When He’s Not Flying, He’s Volunteering

enero 15, 2016 • United States
Bob Pattison, airline pilot and Operation Christmas Child year-round volunteer.
Bob Pattison, airline pilot and Operation Christmas Child year-round volunteer.

Airline pilot volunteers year-round with Operation Christmas Child

Bob Pattison, church relations volunteer for South Orange County, California, works to encourage church involvement with Operation Christmas Child. His specific coverage responsibility is the San Juan Capistrano area.

At monthly meetings with his team, Bob receives a spreadsheet of churches. He then contacts those churches, thanking some for their work and encouraging others to become more deeply involved.

When he is not volunteering, Bob works as a pilot for a major airline. “God’s blessed me in my job beyond what I can even comprehend,” Bob said. “With that blessing I have the resources as well as the time to help.”

Bob is excited about the Samaritan’s Purse project because, “This is a tangible way to show the children that God loves them. Then it works upward: through the children, parents are saved, communities are saved.”

When he first got involved, Bob hesitated wondering if he could do it. “But it’s like the old saying,” he said, “‘God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.’ I’m doing something I never thought I’d do, but I love it and I’m growing.”

Bob also enjoys serving with the other volunteers. He said, “I’m a captain … but I can’t do it without mechanics, flight attendants, and co-pilots. As with Operation Christmas Child, we’re part of a team. As congregations together in the body of Christ we can make a big impact.”

Este artículo es parte de nuestras series de enero que resalta los voluntarios de todo el año, que sirven a través de Operation Christmas Child.

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