Programas de Alimentación y nutrición
Alimentos de emergencia

Alimentos de emergencia

Families that live off the land are particularly vulnerable to floods, drought, or conflict that can destroy crops or force people from their homes. Samaritan’s Purse works in displacement camps around the world, distributing food staples to hungry families. When disaster strikes, we provide emergency food kits that include rice, beans, soy meal, corn, salt, and cooking oil. Más

Hot Meals and Feeding Programs

Prevention of Chronic Malnutrition

Through local partners and schools, Samaritan’s Purse provides daily meals that promote attendance, fuel studies, and nourish growing bodies. In addition, integrated holistic programs seek to train families on optimal feeding/consumption practices, gain access to adequate and diverse foods, and prevent illnesses that exacerbate malnutrition. Special attention is given to pregnant women and mothers of young children since the first 1,000 days from conception to a child’s second birthday are critical to development. Más

Milk & Nutrition Projects

Rehabilitation of Malnourished Children

Children with acute malnutrition are an extremely vulnerable group with high risks of mortality. In emergencies, we treat acute malnutrition in children and pregnant and lactating women using globally recognized protocols. Treating with a ready-to-use nutrient rich, high-fat, fortified peanut paste called Plumpy’Nut or Plumpy’Sup over several months is a way to rehabilitate children from acute malnutrition. Más