Life-Saving Food
When God sent a drought to punish Israel, He provided for His prophet Elijah at a brook where ravens brought him bread and meat twice a day. When the brook dried up, the Lord led him to a starving widow and her son and miraculously refilled her pot of flour and jar of oil to sustain them until the famine ended. Today, there are millions who are desperate for food because of drought, disaster, war, and other calamities. In South Sudan, we provide lentils, sorghum and other staples to feed up to 200,000 refugees from Sudan, some of whom arrive so famished that they must resort to eating bark and insects. For $35, we can deliver enough food to meet the monthly needs of a hungry family in Africa and other global hotspots in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Suggested Gift: $35
Emergency Food  013562
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  • A gift of just $9 can feed a baby or a nursing mother for a EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $9
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  • For just $7 you can help show compassion to young boys and girls through a week’s worth of hot EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $7
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