International Crisis Response

Prepared to Respond

We pre-position supplies in warehouses strategically located around the world so we can quickly respond to crises. When disaster strikes, we deploy Disaster Assistance Response Teams comprised of experienced professionals trained in meeting the needs of disaster victims. Back at international headquarters, our Incident Management Team ensures that supplies are flowing and provides other support to our staff on the ground.

Food and Water

After a disaster, food and water can mean the difference between life and death. We provide emergency food kits that typically include staples such as rice, beans, soy meal, corn, salt, and cooking oil. Contaminated water supplies are purified with packets that remove harmful microorganisms. We install community filtration systems that can purify up to 10,000 gallons per day, enough to provide for 2,500 people.


Quality healthcare is crucial in the days following a crisis. Samaritan’s Purse stocks hospitals and clinics with medicines and supplies, and we also send fully equipped mobile medical teams to reach people who have no other access to medical help.


People who have lost their homes face greater exposure to the elements and the threat of sickness and disease. Samaritan's Purse provides blankets, tents, poles, and heavy-duty plastic sheeting in disaster situations. We often construct transitional shelters, giving families a place to live while they recover.


A storm or earthquake can leave survivors without the basics of daily life. When Samaritan’s Purse responds we often start by handing out needed supplies, including cooking utensils, hygiene items, blankets, water buckets, and other essentials.