Memorial Giving

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Continue the legacy of a loved one who has passed away through memorial giving with Samaritan’s Purse. Remember someone by giving a gift in his or her name to a Samaritan’s Purse project, especially to an area important to your loved one. Set up your own online page to direct friends and family to give by clicking the button below.
Donate On a Memorial Page
Create a Memorial Page


Enter the name of your loved one in the search bar below to find the memorial page where you can donate in his or her memory.

Having trouble locating a page? Please contact Donor Ministries at 800-528-1980.

Do you want to give a one-time gift in memory of someone who does not have a memorial page?

Click here to visit our gift catalog detailing all our specific projects that your donation can support, and give a special gift in their name.

Give In Memory Through Our Gift Catalog

Request a Memorial Page for Your Loved One

You can keep your loved one’s memory alive through the work of Samaritan’s Purse by directing family and friends to give in his or her name. Request to make a memorial page by clicking the button below, and help continue your loved one’s legacy in tangible ways that will leave a lasting impact in Jesus’ Name.


Questions? Contact Samaritan’s Purse at (833) 343-4243 or