Communicating From the Heart

October 10, 2012 • Mongolia
Mongolia Children's Heart Project
Mongolia Children's Heart Project

By Teesa Klear, donor and supporter of Children’s Heart Project

On October 2, a 2-year-old girl from Mongolia, Namuundari, got to meet a 6-year-old boy from North Carolina, Sam Klear. It wasn’t a traditional meeting by any means. The two children both sat in front of computers just over 1,000 miles apart and introduced themselves. Sam finally got to meet the little girl he has been praying for, the girl with a heart like his.

Their 30-minute conversation was filled with smiles, giggles, and silly faces. Namuundari, who is in the United States with Children’s Heart Project, showed Sam the new scar from her recent heart surgery while Sam shared his own “battle wounds.”

Even though Namuundari could only say “good night” in English, she communicated her love to him through her laughter. She serenaded him in Mongolian and showed Sam the simple joys of her life, like drinking milk from a sippy cup.

Sam has been praying for Namuundari for many months, ever since he asked his parents to sponsor a child to come to the United States for life-saving heart surgery through Children’s Heart Project. By God’s grace, Sam’s idea led to Namuundari, the daughter of a nomadic herdsman, receiving the surgery she needed.

Namuundari’s family mailed Sam a package that included a traditional costume from Mongolia, and he proudly wears it and tells everyone about his Mongolian friend.

Namuundari and her family have seen the love of Jesus Christ through the sacrifices many people have made in order to get her heart surgery. A gift from Sam and his family led to Namuundari’s family hearing the Gospel through translators, doctors, nurses, and an entire host family and church in Texas. As Sam said on the night he talked to Namuundari online, it isn’t a good day if you’re not with Jesus.

As Sam’s mother, I can attest to that, and I want to add how grateful I am that God led us to participate with Children’s Heart Project through our little boy. He will struggle his whole life with heart issues, and it’s a blessing to know that he wants to help others like him. It is also a blessing to know that he is praying for Namuundari to really have a heart like his—one that has been surrendered to Jesus Christ.