All For Jesus Franklin Graham, with the help of long-time friend Ross Rhoads, brings an encouraging collection of 30 devotions to inspire a life of faithful commitment to Jesus Christ. All for Jesus will help you develop the qualities of focused, whole-hearted discipleship and will show you the extraordinary results that are possible in a life lived solely to glorify the Lord.

No matter how deep your regrets, you can open this book and begin to discover the limitless, life-changing consequences of living all for Jesus.

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It’s Who You Know We often hear that success in this life depends on who you know. Eternal life is all about who you know, too. In his book It’s Who You Know, Franklin Graham shares the Good News that each of us can have a personal relationship with the most important person alive today - Jesus Christ. In four chapters, Graham outlines God’s plan of salvation and tells why knowing Christ as Lord and Savior is absolutely vital.

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Living Beyond the Limits: A Life in Sync With God God wants you to experience life to its fullest…but rather than experiencing peace, joy, and excitement, maybe hints of emptiness, boredom, and frustration nag at you. Maybe you find yourself asking, "Is this all that life has to offer?"

In Living Beyond the Limits, Franklin Graham focuses on God’s principles and promises essential to a full life. He relates real-life examples of men and women who have put God’s Word in to practice under some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. You’ll be amazed by their stories. You’ll also be stirred and challenged as never before.

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Bob Pierce: This One Thing I Do Here is a larger-than-life portrait of a man who began with compassion for one child in China and ended up with a program to rescue countless thousands around the world.

Bob Pierce: This One Thing I Do is the story of Robert Willard Pierce, outstanding evangelical humanitarian—founder of World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse, co-founder of Youth for Christ—a man whose constant prayer was that his heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.

Limit one per household. Book shown is hardback, but shipped copy will be paperback.

Rebel With A Cause: Finally Comfortable Being Graham For most of Franklin Graham’s life, walking in his daddy’s footsteps was the farthest thing from Franklin’s mind. In fact, it wasn’t until the age of twenty-two that Franklin was “finally comfortable being Graham.” Rebel With A Cause is Franklin’s account of his early struggles and his late triumphs.

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A Wing And A Prayer In A Wing and a Prayer, by best-selling author Franklin Graham, readers will experience the uplifting tale of a little boy who finds a new home, a new hope, and a new faith in Christ. Since losing his parents in a raid, Raimundo's life in the lush, tropical village of Alto Riesgo has been filled with only danger and sadness. But one day an unexpected gift, from a boy who can relate, shares the life-changing message of Jesus' love. Through the help of an adoptive family and a gift from a faraway friend, the danger and sadness that filled Raimundo's life is replaced with safety and hope for the new life that awaits him. Based on the Franklin Graham film, Last Flight Out, this book is warmly illustrated with the true-to-life art of Kevin Burke. Reading level: Ages 4-8, 32 pages.

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The Name Before offering a prayer at the inauguration of President George W. Bush, Franklin Graham was asked by a fellow participant if he intended to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Graham assured him that he would and encouraged this pastor to do the same. As Graham reminded him, ""That's the only thing we've got."" In days of religious confusion and cultural relativism, Franklin Graham reminds us that there are absolutes in the kingdom of God. The Name explains the significance of names in the Hebrew culture, centering on the meaningfulness of the name Jesus. Chapters focus on the different aspects of power in the Lord's name, such as "Healing in the Name" and "Salvation in the Name."

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Sword and Scalpel Sword & Scalpel is the exciting story of how God has used Dr. Robert L. Foster to spread the Gospel and bring healing across southern Africa. Through the dangers of civil war and the difficulties of missionary life, he served four decades as a surgeon in Zambia and Angola, founding three mission hospitals.

"When you read Sword & Scalpel, I believe you will see why Dr. Bob Foster is not only a great surgeon but a great preacher as well. God has used this missionary statesman in a mighty way to open up new frontiers for the Gospel in some of the roughest areas of Africa." --Franklin Graham

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Why the Passion? A Personal Guide to Meeting the Jesus of the Passion Why the Passion? gives you a firsthand look at the people, the places, and the politics behind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and how it has had eternal ramifications for all of humanity.

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My Hope FREE DVD "With all my heart, I want to leave you with the truth," says Billy Graham in this long awaited broadcast event. The Cross is the feature presentation on this special DVD containing compelling real life stories and a powerful new message from Billy Graham.

Bonus features include Defining Moments, Lose to Gain, and the Spanish language program Momentos Decisivos. Join Billy Graham, music artists Lecrae and Lacey Sturm, NFL wide receiver David Tyree, illusionist Jim Munroe, comedian Michael Junior, and professional skateboarder Brian Sumner as they share the common thread that led them to true happiness.

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