Fighting for a Better Community

May 2, 2017 • Democratic Republic of the Congo

A father in a poor farming family is serving in Jesus' Name.

Emmanuel Ngbagumegbe is a farmer living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I am the firstborn child from a poor family. Growing up, I was unable to attend school because we lacked financial resources. I attempted to earn money myself, but it was not enough to support my education. However, thanks to God, we have supported ourselves through crop production.

I serve God through the music team at my church. My interaction with Samaritan’s Purse has strengthened my faith and given me the opportunity to also serve God as a community health and evangelism volunteer. I am a volunteer serving in the Name of Jesus. I have learned how to implement projects such as road repair and house construction in order to resolve problems in my community.

The teaching I received from Samaritan’s Purse allowed me to serve as an example for my community in the fight against poverty and supporting good health. These efforts may seem small, but soon they will become bigger than ever.

As it is said in the Zande language, “Lumbulu bakelepai wa lumbulu dulu,” which means, “The beginning of great things start small.”