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Mission Organization: General Missionary Board, Free Methodist Church

Location: Located 100 miles southwest of the capital city of Kigali, overlooking Lake Kivu and Zaire. Kibogora is one of the most beautiful places on the African continent.

Specialties Needed: GS, ORS, OBG, IM/FP, EM, U, GE, OTO, OPH, PED ORS, PS, PD, AN, Dentist, Physical Med, & Rehab, Derm, Neurologist, Neonatology, Rheumatology, Nephrology, CVS, TS, Hematologist, Geriatrics, Allergy and IMM, CARD, RAD, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, PD SURG, NS

Profile: Kibogora Hospital is a 279 bed facility that includes: (75) Post-surgery, (64) Pediatric, (51) Internal Medicine, (45) Maternity, (6) Neonatal, (7) Emergency room, (18) Isolation and (13) Nutrition, located 100 miles southwest of the capital city of Kigali, overlooking Lake Kivu and Zaire. Physician staff as of 2011 includes (11) GPs and (1) pediatrician. All are either Rwandan or Congolese. Most speak adequate English. There are also (3) trained CRNAs usually available and several OR technicians. There is an eye clinic staffed by (1) Rwandan eye nurse and a dental clinic staffed by (2) Rwandan dental technicians.

Travel: Fly commercial airlines into capital city of Kigali. It is a five-hour drive from Kigali to Kibogora.

Time Difference: + 6 hours Daylight Savings Time (EST), USA; +7 hours Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A.

Language: French, English, and Kinyarwanda

Climate: Rainy seasons are February through April and November and December. Temperature averages 70 F.

Country Travel Warnings: Visit:

For More Information: Contact Elaine Graybeal by email or by phone at (828) 278-1605.