Biomedical Technology

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Provide Life-Saving Medical Equipment

I wanted to go on this trip to learn what it means to serve God overseas as a biomed. He taught me that and so much more!”

“We built IV poles, bedside tables, and more, and we repaired everything from IV pumps to patient monitors to dental suctions. When we weren't working, I got to hang out with missionaries. The week I spent in ELWA (Liberia) was life-changing for me” said Callie Carpenter, a Biomedical Engineer Volunteer who served at ELWA Hospital in Liberia

The Biomedical Technology department of World Medical Mission plays a vital role in helping to ensure that overseas mission hospitals have properly functioning equipment to aid their staff in the diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care of patients. At our North Carolina warehouse, technicians refurbish donated equipment and make sure machines are operational and meet appropriate standards. The equipment and other medical supplies are then shipped to mission hospitals around the world.

In addition, our technicians travel to dozens of mission hospitals and clinics to install, repair, and maintain a variety of medical and laboratory equipment. They also train staff at these medical facilities in the operation and ongoing maintenance of that equipment.


Applicants must be committed followers of Jesus Christ. International travel experience is preferred, but not required.

Potential Volunteers Need to Know:

  • The length of assignments is generally one to two weeks.
  • A first-time volunteer will serve alongside one of our staff technicians in an international mission hospital setting. Based on their comfort level and experience, the volunteer may serve thereafter on individual assignments.
  • Volunteers will be responsible for the cost of airfare, in-country travel, visas and other travel documents, and immunizations. A project account can be set up where family, friends, and churches may contribute to assist in covering trip-related expenses.
  • The costs for on-site meals and accommodations may be provided by the host facility.
  • Our World Medical Mission logistics and placement teams will work with hospital administrators to arrange for accommodations on the hospital grounds.
  • Family members can accompany the technicians as long as housing is available.