A Boy of Courage

February 25, 2013 • Honduras

A young boy with disabilities in Honduras participates in our animal program and gains new skills for life.

By Christina Ayala, program manager for animal and agriculture projects in Honduras

Don Roque Perez became solely responsible for his three children, Rosa, Ricardo, and Reinaldo, when his wife passed away 10 years ago. Althought it was difficult being the only parent, Don Roque has been able to care for his boys and little girl.

The biggest challenge was that Reinaldo can´t hear or speak. He briefly attended school, but because there were no special education classes he had to stop.

Don Roque realized that without an education or vocational training, it would be hard for his son to get a job. Reinaldo seemingly faced a bleak future.

When Samaritan’s Purse started a goat project in La Campa and invited him to participate, Don Roque realized that this was an opportunity for Reinaldo to learn a skill.

“I am glad that God brought this project to us so that my son can learn how to support himself in the future,” Don Roque said. “This is teaching him responsibility and will serve him well in life. Though he cannot hear the Word of God, we are trying to show it to him in ways that he can understand, and I have faith that one day he will be able to hear and speak.”

God put this family in our path. The Perezs now have food in the home and extra income to buy other necessities. And, by learning to care for the goats, we are seeing Reinaldo become a person of courage who is helping meet the family’s needs, regardless of his limitations.

We have faith in God that this boy will one day understand the Gospel—through receiving an education or being able to afford a hearing aid—so he can grow in knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ.