A Changed Life

February 16, 2015 • Haiti
A Changed Life

A Haitian woman finds peace through lessons taught by a Samaritan’s Purse program for children

Tocelien Lovely worked as a volunteer with the Samaritan’s Purse Dignity and Education for Children Program. The program helps children from ages 6 to 12 increase their knowledge and application of biblical values and principles. Tocelien is from Leogane, Haiti, and works in the Church Ambassadeur de Sarbousse.

Before attending this course, I had low self-esteem because I thought my value depended on my possessions or my knowledge. This way of thinking prevented me from loving myself. Even if someone congratulated me, I didn’t believe it was a true congratulation.

Only after receiving the first lesson from the Dignity and Education Program did I begin to believe in myself. I began to understand that my value comes from God. He created me in His image, and He loves me. I now accept that I have value, I’m useful, I have abilities, and I now accept praise and congratulations from others. My life has changed.

Another lesson that stood out to me was the lesson that taught me to love my enemies. Before, I was spiteful toward others. If someone did something bad to me, I couldn’t forgive him, and I hated him. After this lesson, I prayed to the Lord to ask for help, and He helped me change.

A Changed Life

Tocelian with the teachers of the program

A third lesson I learned is how to resolve conflict. As a human being, it’s normal to have conflicts, but before the training, I thought conflict was a negative thing. I wanted to avoid it as much as possible. I saw people who had conflicts as enemies. Today, I have learned how to calm down, understand the other person, and solve the problem at hand. I now see conflict in a more positive way, and I have learned how to healthily resolve it.

Finally, because of the lessons I have learned through the program, I’ve committed to making a difference in everything I do. At home, I’ll make a difference by doing the work of the house without worrying about what others do or don’t do. In the church, I won’t criticize people, but I’ll lay hands on them and pray for them. In my work, I won’t let myself be engulfed by laziness, and I will try my hardest to be on time, be honest, and use the materials of the work wisely. For my environment, I will use my resources for the glory of my Creator.

The lessons provided have truly changed my life. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me, and I look forward to using my knowledge to minister to the children of my community.