A Model Farmer

April 29, 2015 • Cambodia
Cambodia agriculture program

A family is transformed after a man learns how to become a better farmer and husband through a Samaritan's Purse agriculture program in Cambodia

San Phan is a participant in an integrated farming program in his rural community living in the high land of Cambodia. He is one of 18 Model Farmers in three villages who train others in proper agriculture practices.

My family’s livelihood was dependent on rice and cassava, but I would never help my wife to work in the fields. I was always busy drinking wine with people in the village and got drunk every day. My sons were too small to help.

My wife got angry with me because I would always drink without working and helping the family, so she would live in the rice field all the time. My family had a broken heart.

Cambodia agriculture program

San Phan and his wife receive training from Samaritan’s Purse staff.

Then Samaritan’s Purse started a new Model Farmer program in our village. My family was selected to participate in the project to do agriculture and livestock activities. We joined an integrated farming system through our village leader and the farmer association committee.

After I received some technical training courses, such as chicken and pig rearing, vegetable growing, home garden and village vet, I received livestock, materials for a compost house and chicken and pig houses, seeds and tools for a home garden, and fish fingerlings.

Samaritan’s Purse staff always supported and encouraged because the program would help improve income generation in my family. They advised me to stop drinking, which badly affected my family and my health in the future.

Cambodia agriculture program

Many families are learning improved farming techniques.

Now we are a Model Farmer family, and do integrated farming and earn money through chicken and pig rearing, vegetable growing, and mushroom production. We show all of the people living in the village how to be better farmers.

I have changed my attitude and behavior. I have stopped drinking wine, and my wife has come back to my house.

I would like to say thank you to Samaritan’s Purse for helping my family to be a Model Farmer in the village, and for helping to change my attitude and behavior.