A Young Vietnamese Man Supports His Family

March 14, 2017 • Vietnam
Vietnam vocational school

Nineteen-year-old Hu attends vocational school and becomes a chef to help educate his younger siblings

Le Thi Thu is an education and training project assistant for Samaritan’s Purse in Vietnam.

Hu is the oldest son of an impoverished farming family. He has three younger brothers and one sister. Although his parents sometimes cannot afford meals for the whole family, they strive to work day and night to send their kids to school.

After graduating from the junior high school and taking an English course in his hometown, Hu enrolled in a cooking course at Hoa Sua Vocational Training School at the encouragement of an acquaintance. Dreaming of helping his family escape from poverty and holding his own stable job, Hu was determined to go to Hanoi to take the course.

vocational training

Hu preparing to become a chef at vocational school

After his enrollment, Samaritan’s Purse supported him with monthly stipends, which helped relieve the financial burden on his parents’ shoulders. During his study at Hoa Sua, he actively participated in Samaritan’s Purse project activities, and the time he spent with Samaritan’s Purse and his friends left him with beautiful memories.

Hu has transformed from a quiet and reserved boy to a strong and respectful communicator and takes initiative in making friends. The English course helped consolidate his knowledge and skills and enhance his communication skills with his future customers.

I met Hu again at Sapa O Chau Restaurant. He looked stately in his cook’s uniform. He gave us a warm and delightful welcome.

“I am surprised by your visit,” he said. “I feel so touched to receive your care even after my graduation.”

Hu told us about his current work. He is a main chef at Sapa O Chau with a monthly salary that covers his daily expenses and supports his family.

I saw with my own eyes the influence of Samaritan’s Purse on his family’s life when I paid a visit to his home. His father was doing well and received me in his recently repaired house. Telling me about his family’s situation, he proudly said that all his five children are educated.

Hu can send home $70 to $100 every month to pay tuition fees for his younger brothers and sister, buy food for the family, and save for marriage. Talking about Hu’s positive changes, his father remarked that he has talked more politely to his parents and been better-dressed since his study at Hoa Sua.

To attain his current success, Hu has overcome diverse challenges and made relentless efforts.

“Hu is performing very well on his tasks and always willing to learn,” said Cho, Hu’s colleague. “With his potentials, if receiving further training, he can become a main chef at a grand hotel in the future.”

I’m so happy to learn that Hu has grown up and is contributing to his family and his homeland’s development.

Before saying goodbye to me, Hu said: “I am very grateful for Samaritan’s Purse staff’s kind support. I wish you good health and greater achievements for your organization. I hope that your organization can help more and more disadvantaged students.”