Clean Water and the Hope of Jesus

April 8, 2013 • South Sudan

The joys far outweigh the challenges when it comes to providing wells in South Sudanese communities where many are suffering from the lack of clean water

By Tesfaye Mohammed, manager of Samaritan’s Purse water, sanitation and hygiene programs in South Sudan

There is an enormous need for borehole drilling and well rehabilitation in South Sudan. Many people share ponds with animals during the rainy season until the ponds are dry, and then the women and children have to travel for hours to collect water at the peak of the hottest season. For me, it was disturbing to see this.

While there are some challenges to drilling wells in South Sudan there are so many joys, such as creating a stable community, watching boys and girls go to school, seeing clean children, and hearing people shout Hallelujah.

Many communities used to evacuate in search of water when the dry season came, but once we provided a well they could settle and start a new life knowing that next time they would not be displaced.

Instead of spending hours in search of water, girls are now able to go to school and focus on their studies.

It has also been a common scene to find dirty and unwashed children everywhere. Actually, it included families too. But once we see them get water and teach them about sanitation and hygiene, everything is different. Seeing that happen is inspiring.

As a Christian organization, our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God in everything we do. In most places where we drill boreholes, some people, especially the mothers, shout hallelujah and bless the name of the Lord with joy and hope in their hearts and smiles on their faces.

The people of South Sudan don’t need only water, they need Jesus and they need hope.

Samaritan’s Purse will be able to bring clean water and the hope of Jesus to many more communities thanks to the money provided though the “5 Wells in 5 Days” campaign.