CHP Surprises

January 10, 2012 • Honduras

Rebeca Vega, Children’s Heart Project assistant, blogs from our office in Honduras.

On December 1, 7-year-old Katherine Nicole Ruiz left her home in Honduras to go to Colorado for heart surgery through Children’s Heart Project.

While waiting for the operation in the States, Katherine and her mom Wuendy were well received by their host family and a loving church that became their support system during the trip. Truly connecting with a church group can be a challenge for some families because of the language barrier. But, Katherine and Wuendy had the great blessing of becoming close to a loving Hispanic congregation.

The experience of going through heart surgery, as risky and intense as it is, often brings healing to more than just the physical heart. During the 6-week trip, Wuendy trusted in Christ for her salvation! There was a great celebration in Colorado that day as well as in heaven. The Hispanic community came to love this new sister in Christ and her little girl.

The church also donated a sewing machine to Wuendy, and in the remaining weeks taught her how to use it. The phrase “God is good all the time” took on a whole new meaning when they experienced His love in such a tangible way.

All trips must end at some point, but not without the ups and downs of goodbyes and some great surprises. The group had to stop in Miami for a long layover, and so the idea arose to go to the beach. It was such a blessing for Wuendy and Katherine who had never seen the ocean! Even better, we were able to see the sunrise too.

The interpreter, Karla, took Katherine and Wuendy closer to put their feet in the water and to feel what it was like. However, the plan to see the ocean did not end there. The great experience ended with us at the hotel getting ready to go home by blow-drying our shoes and clothes.

After arriving in Honduras, Katherine expressed how much of a relief it was to see her dad. Hugs are a great way to say hi again, and Katherine would not let go of him. The emotions were so strong that tears were a big factor in this family reunion.

I was reminded of the truth that God is good all the time. He is personal, all-powerful, and deserved all the honor and glory in this memorable and unique life-changing experience.