Five Gifts That Can Change a Child's Life

November 24, 2015 • Worldwide
Five Gifts That Can Change a Child’s Life

Give hope to needy kids this Christmas

As visions of sugarplums dance in many kids’ heads this Christmas, some children don’t have any hope to dream. This year, as we take this time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, consider giving a gift that has the power to bring hope and the Gospel to children in need around the world.

  1. Loving Care for an Orphan

According to Perry Como’s famous song, “There’s no place like home for the holidays,” but for many children worldwide, a place to lay their heads and a family to call their own is only a dream. Samaritan’s Purse supports orphanages around the world that provide loving, Christian care for children while teaching them what it means to follow Christ. For $35, your gift to the Samaritan Children’s Fund can help make it possible for these orphanages to continue providing food, housing, health care, education, and other necessities in Jesus’ Name.

  1. Hot Meals for a Child

One of the most-loved Christmas traditions for many families is gathering around the table for a hot, celebratory feast. But many children find it hard to dream of a big meal when they don’t know where their next one is coming from. Samaritan’s Purse sponsors lunch programs in dozens of school and orphanages around the world to ensure that children can have nutritious meals while learning about the love of God. For just $7, your meal will supply a child with a week’s worth of hot meals.

    Five Gifts That Can Change a Child’s Life

  1. Give a Disabled Child Hope

Living with a disability can be difficult, regardless of where you live. Growing up in a country with limited resources and opportunities makes life even harder for children coping with physical or mental disabilities. Samaritan’s Purse supports programs that help these children globally—including a school for the blind in Vietnam that teaches vocational skills to help children succeed. For $250, your gift can provide hope to children like these in the form of prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, specialized schooling, therapy, or other care in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  1. Rescue Children in Crisis

Countless boys and girls around the world are neglected by their families and essentially living on their own. Samaritan’s Purse supports churches and Christian partners who reach out to these little ones, get them off the streets, and provide for their needs while also showing them the love of Jesus. Your gift of $75 can help provide a vulnerable child with daily necessities, safe shelter, godly guidance, and an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

  1. Help Save a Child’s Life

Being born with a congenital heart defect can be a death sentence for many children who live in countries without access to proper medical care and treatment. Since 1997, the Children’s Heart Project has provided life-saving surgery for more than 1,100 children by bringing them to North America for their operations and recoveries while sharing the truth of the Gospel with their families. You can help save the life of a child by sharing the cost of international airfare, which averages $2,200 from places like Uganda and Mongolia.