Franklin Graham: Ebola Isolation Units Needed

September 16, 2014 •
Franklin Graham talks with Kent Brantly when the doctor visited the Samaritan's Purse headquarters after recovering from the Ebola virus.

The Samaritan's Purse president says major hospitals are not the answer to fighting the deadly virus in West Africa

In an interview with NBC News, Franklin Graham said that hospitals where sick patients may expose many others are not the answer to fighting Ebola.

“It is a very difficult to fight Ebola with a hospital,” the Samaritan’s Purse president told NBC News. “The reason is that the Ebola got into the hospital and infected the hospital.”

He said the answer is to set up stand-alone isolation units, and for protective gear to be distributed directly to families caring for victims.

“My recommendation is the hospital has to be removed and separated quite a bit from Ebola,” he told NBC. “There has to be better triage before you even let a person get into the hospital.”

According to the NBC story, doctors believe Dr. Kent Brantly became infected with Ebola while seeing patients he did not realize were infected. He wasn’t always wearing protective gear when seeing general patients at the ELWA hospital outside Monrovia. Brantly thinks so himself.

“We think that Dr. Brantly was infected in the hospital. It wasn’t in our Ebola treatment center,” Graham said.

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REMEMBER GOD’S GOODNESS: Kent Brantly thanked Samaritan’s Purse staff members in person for their prayers at a time of praise and thanksgiving.