From Our Hearts to Yours

August 28, 2013 • Mongolia

Previous Children Heart Project patients in Mongolia attended camp this summer to spend time learning together. They shared how their experiences with the program have changed their lives.

By the Children’s Heart Project Discipleship Coordinator in Mongolia. Children’s Heart Project is a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse that brings children with life-threatening heart defects from their home countries to North America to receive heart surgery. The children live with a Christian family before their surgeries and while they recover. In 2011, Children’s Heart Project started Heart Camps in Mongolia, which provide a place for former patients to gather together for a week of camaraderie and fellowship. The following quotes are from children who attended the camps this summer.

Children's Heart Project Mongolia “After surgery, my life totally changed. I think that through the surgery, God opened heaven’s door to me and my family. I don’t know how to express my gratitude. I am extremely happy.  Mongolian doctors said, ‘You won’t heal up.’ But American doctors said, ‘You [have] a chance to recover.’ After surgery, my parent said, ‘It is a miracle, and we still can’t believe it.’ Thanks for all the doctors and people who helped me. My mom and I wondered why the doctors prayed. Later I understood that they were praying for my surgery.” –14-year-old Jargalmaa, G, who had surgery in 2008 in North Carolina

Children's Heart Project Mongolia “My life totally changed due to heart surgery. I became a really good student, and I became more liked by my teachers and my friends. My pain disappeared. I am thankful for those who prayed for me. My time in America was wonderful. I had big changes. I can now walk far and run. I improved a lot. The people who went with us were such nice people. I think they are really great people that God sent for me. My host parents were doctors. I really love my host family. I am really thankful for their love. I am also thankful that I became child of God.  Because of the surgery, I am now thankful for my new life. I am going to graduate high school and university. I wish the best for you (hosts and doctors). I hope we will meet one day.  I love you so much. I felt God in my surgery through lots of people’s prayers. I wasn’t afraid of the surgery because God comforted me.” – 17-year-old Norjinsuren, who had surgery in 2012 in Minnesota

Children's Heart Project Mongolia“Before surgery, it was really hard to be treated in a hospital all the time. I couldn’t run like I wanted to. After surgery, my life changed completely. Now I can keep up with my friends. My host mom and dad were very kind. They were really God’s family. After surgery, I became really optimistic. I am humble, patient, and I learn things easily. I want to say thank you so much to my host family and the doctors. My life’s biggest gift is from God and all of you. Before surgery, I was afraid, but when they prayed over me, I became calmer. I felt God in my heart.” – 21-year-old Sh. Sambalhundev, who had surgery in 2008 in Texas

Children's Heart Project Mongolia“I am Suvd-Erdene’s mom. My daughter can’t speak, so I am writing for her. My daughter was so sick. Now she is healthy. We had a great transformation because of her surgery. My host family was really nice, kind, and they encouraged us. We just want to say, ‘Thank you so much!’ I would love to meet the doctors and host family again one day. Please continue to pray for Suvda that she might speak and walk. She can’t walk and talk, so she doesn’t go to a school. Suvda has a heart of love for others, and she gives really big hugs. Suvda loves to pray!” – 8-year-old Suvd-Erdene, who had surgery in 2007 in North Carolina

Children's Heart Project Mongolia “After surgery, my life became better. I was really sick. Now I am healthy. I am really happy because of this. I am really friendly and find it easy to get along with others. I had surgery in Ulaanbaatar. Thank you so much for your financial support and prayer. Thank you so much for the doctors, and I am really thankful for what they did for me. They saved my life. I am really happy that other kids treat me like a healthy child. When they treated me like a sick kid, [it] was hard for me. After surgery, I believed in God.” – 14-year-old Saruulzaya, who had surgery in 2012 in Mongolia

Children's Heart Project Mongolia“My life became better with less trouble. My experience with CHP was great, and I didn’t want to leave so I cried a lot. I want to say to my host family ‘I love you so much, and I miss [you], especially John. Are you growing big? I miss you so much.’ They are like my family. Now I understand that God loves me. Now I am a Christian and go to church. Please pray for me as I long to do well in school.” – 14-year-old Amartuvshin, who had surgery in 2005 in Illinois

Children's Heart Project Mongolia “Now I have no more pain, and I found out that God loves me. I want to know more about Jesus. My host family and doctors were so friendly and kind. I was grateful for them. I want them to know that I am thankful to them and that I love them. I am a leader, and now I have the desire to tell my friends and family about Jesus. During the surgery I was worried, but God was indeed with me. And it was successful!” – 14-year-old Khaliun, who had surgery in 2005 in Illinois

“After surgery, my life became more bright and full of joy. I thank my doctors and host family who helped me become healthy and joyful. Also I want to say thank you so much [to the people] who took care for me. I am very thankful that I stayed with a really nice family. I was little when I had surgery, so I couldn’t feel God at that time.  Now I trust God. I love you all so much. I want you to know that I am really quiet, but I am becoming a really good leader.” – 11-year-old O. Enkhjin, who had surgery in 2005 in Canada

“I am so happy to be healthy! It was such a wonderful experience in America. Thank you so much Dick and Kris. I love you and want you to know that I am learning so much at school and that I now have faith in God.” – 11-year-old Tsolmon, who had surgery in 2006 in Canada

Children's Heart Project Mongolia“My name is Tuvshinzaya. I had surgery in Canada in 2004. I became strong after surgery, and I felt God’s joy. My Mom always talks about the surgery. I just want to say thanks a lot to the brother and sister who helped me. I want to say, ‘I love you so much, Peter and Carl.’” – 11-year-old Tuvshinzaya, who had surgery in 2004 in Canada

Children's Heart Project Mongolia“My life totally changed. I became healthy and happy. My host family and my family were so close to each other, like a family. I don’t know if I felt God during my surgery specifically, but I know one thing for sure: God gave me a new life!” 19-year-old Enkhchimeg, B, who had surgery in 2005 in Illinois

Children's Heart Project Mongolia“My life has totally changed. Now I can do what I want and be athletic. I had surgery in Mongolia. I am really talkative and funny. It is really hard for me to say no to others. I am really thankful to the doctors. If I didn’t have surgery, I could have died.  Thank you so much. You gave me a chance for my dreams to come true. Through the doctor’s prayer, Jesus saved my life.” (Urangoo prayed to receive Christ at the 2013 Heart Camp.)– 14-year-old Urangoo, T, who had surgery in 2012 in Mongolia

Children's Heart Project Mongolia“After surgery, I became a Christian, and I am now fully healthy. Also my family is very happy.” – 10-year-old Tsengelmaa, who had surgery in 2004 in Minnesota