Help Rebuild A Mission Hospital

December 21, 2011 • Nigeria

Volunteers Needed in Egbe, Nigeria

The love of Christ is being proclaimed as patients receive care at Egbe Hospital. Strategically located between two major cities in Nigeria, the hospital is a resource for doctors and nurses in training, a ground for healing the sick, and a mission field for sharing the Gospel.

The hospital is in desperate need of revitalization so this mission can continue. Samaritan’s Purse is looking for volunteers who can devote two weeks of their time. We will subsidize $1,000 of an individual’s round-trip airfare to Nigeria, as well as provide food and housing on site at no additional cost.

Egbe Hospital was founded in 1952 by a non-denominational Christian group called Serving in Mission. It has advanced throughout the years into a vital place for medical care and education in the country. The hospital is the only facility within a 100-mile radius that offers nurse training, a midwifery school and a doctor’s postgraduate residency program. Many great resources are developing from the clinic.

The Egbe campus has grown significantly over the years. With this growth comes the need for repairs and updates.

The gated complex has a total of 68 buildings on 33 acres. The facility can accommodate 121 beds. Currently priorities include the need for repairing, upgrading, and relocating departments. Some staff residences need re-roofing and water/electric source repairs. Roads throughout the campus are in need of mending due to erosion. General clean up and landscaping will complement the newly renovated buildings.

Volunteers of various skill sets and specialties are capable of making a difference to ensure that Egbe Hospital continues to be a great resource for the Nigerian people.

God has been working at Egbe Hospital since the doors opened. Meeting people’s medical and spiritual needs gives hope to a country with great struggles.

Each staff member is trained to be a Christian witness who shares the Gospel while providing care to patients. Many of the patients have gone on to start churches around Nigeria.

This is an amazing opportunity to help a medical ministry as it continues to serve people in the name of Jesus Christ!