Helping People Migrate Safely

October 9, 2015 • Vietnam

Policemen learn how to help people in their community avoid being trafficked

Tao Van Chum is a policeman in Vietnam.

Recently, I participated in a training offered by Samaritan’s Purse where I learned about human trafficking. I gained new knowledge and experience from the trainers, and it gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge with others in my village. I learned what human trafficking is, the tricks that traffickers often use, and how to protect myself.

Most importantly, I learned how to help other people in my community. As a policeman, I deal with a lot of different cases. Now, when someone in my village is trafficked, I know how to help them. I can help people avoid trafficking and migrate safely.

In the past, I held a certain bias toward human trafficking because I didn’t know anything about the issue. But thanks to the training, my perception and attitude have changed. In the future, I hope Samaritan’s Purse will teach more courses on human trafficking for young people in my community.