Hot Cocoa Provides for South Sudan

January 8, 2014 • United States
Hot Cocoa Provides for South Sudan
Rebuilding 500 churches is one of the many projects Samaritan's Purse has done in South Sudan.

A woman and her family decided to set up a drink stand in their Alabama town to raise money for South Sudan.

Sarah Busenitz and her daughters donated money for South Sudan after raising money through a hot cocoa stand. She wrote this email to let us know about their efforts.

Dear Samaritan’s Purse,

We had such a great day Friday doing the hot cocoa stand.

Hot Cocoa Provides for South Sudan

Sarah and her children prayed for the situation in South Sudan and sold hot cocoa to raise $165.

We had been talking to our girls about the situation in South Sudan and how we could help. They asked if we could do the stand to get money to send. It has been neat to see our children learn so much about the needs in our world and how God wants to use us.

I immediately thought of Samaritan’s Purse because I know you guys do relief work and share the Good News of Jesus. It’s a privilege to partner with you.

We live in Alabama, so doing a hot cocoa stand isn’t usually a good idea because it’s just not that cold. But God is so great. He gave us a cold day. It was in the 30s, so it was very cold for Alabamians.

We made our posters and the cocoa, and then we prayed together about the stand and asked God to glorify His name through it. It was so neat to hear my girls pray about this and the people in South Sudan. Thanks for putting that reminder to pray in your material about fundraising. It’s so important.

We set up around 2:30 p.m. and had a blast despite the cold. Even the neighbor kids wanted to help. We had lots of customers, and by 5:30, we were all out of cocoa.

In all, God helped us raise $165. We were pumped! We have done lemonade stands before for our Vacation Bible School fundraiser and have never made this much.

We know God cares about the people in South Sudan, and we’re so blessed that He wanted to use us to show them His love through this donation.

Thanks for all you do.

In Christ,