Pig Rearing Lifts Poverty

September 25, 2015 • Cambodia

A struggling family in Cambodia improves their income with pigs

Chan Ty lives in northeastern Cambodia with her husband and four children. Her family learned how to successfully raise pigs through our Food for Life project.

My name is Chan Ty, and I am 41 years old. My husband’s name is Nearn Nhat. We have three daughters and one son at our home in Doung village in the Kratie province of Cambodia. Nowadays, my family depends on agriculture; raising pigs, planting cassava, and selling crops are our main income.

Before Samaritan’s Purse selected us for the Food For Life project, we mostly depended on cassava planting and being hired for labor at the cassava fields. We also used to rear a few pigs using the traditional method, but we didn’t know to properly take care of them. Three years ago, the pigs contracted diseases and died. We suffered a loss of money and time, and so we decided to quit raising pigs. After that, my entire family was supported by cassava and a breeding a few cows. Thus, we had low income and especially poor technical knowledge about agriculture and livestock.

Then, the Food For Life project selected my family to attend trainings on agriculture and livestock and to work with a village health animal worker (VHAW). The technical training included topics like disease prevention and treatment for livestock. Through the VHAW, we gained access to medicines for our animals. Food For Life also supplied seeds for vegetables and fruit trees. After completing the training, my family was provided with five female pigs for rearing.

Currently, I can treat my pigs when they have diseases, and now my family is successful with pig feeding. The Samaritan’s Purse staff guided and motivated me. Now, my family is keeping three pigs for breeding to produce young piglets, and our goal is to raise an additional 15-20 pigs for meat—either to eat or sell. With my pig raising getting successful and my family plan, I strongly want my family to have a better income and hope.

I want to thank Samaritan’s Purse as the Christian organization helping, guiding, and motivating my family to have knowledge and obtain a better income. I am especially happy they gave encouragement and shared the love of God with my family.

Doung village is one of nine in the Kratie province that the our Food For Life project has selected as a target area for community development during 2014-2016.