The Priority of Life Test

August 10, 2015 • Haiti
The Priority of Life Test

A pastor learns to manage his relationship with God, his family, and his job

Pierre Julien is a pastor and the ministry program manager for Samaritan’s Purse in Haiti. He returned to Haiti, his home country, after the earthquake in 2010.

Keeping the three major priorities in life—God, family, and occupation—in proper balance is like juggling three balls without allowing any of them to fall to the ground. Neglecting any one of these priorities to focus more on the others will negatively impact the balance of our lives.

Sadly, many people, even church leaders, often fail to adequately maintain these priorities without realizing that they are failing the priority of life test. In Haiti, as in other countries, family life and relationships are being challenged by cultural changes, technological influences, government regulations, and the lack of economic opportunities. Sometimes, we’re so fixated on overcoming these enormous obstacles that we neglect our relationship with God and make our circumstances bigger than our God who is all sufficient.

The Priority of Life Test

Pastor Samuel and his wife, Ulna

Pastor Samuel Pierre and his wife, Ulna, are from Trouin, a small remote village in Leogane, Haiti, with about 10,000 inhabitants. There are about 50 churches in Trouin and surrounding areas. Many of these churches were planted by pastors and missionaries who conducted evangelism outreach crusades in the area. However, several of these churches don’t have pastors with formal seminary training. It’s a common problem throughout Haiti.

In March 2015, Samaritan’s Purse began seminary training for pastors and a family enrichment seminar for husbands and wives in Trouin. Twenty-five couples from various remote parts of Trouin registered for the three-month family enrichment seminars, including Pastor Samuel Pierre and his wife. After a few sessions, the group requested that the same family enrichment course be taught in other remote areas.

“We thank God for sending Samaritan’s Purse to help us and our churches in Trouin, especially with this family enrichment seminar,” Pastor Samuel said as he prepared for graduation. “I am a pastor. I often participated in many seminars and training on family subjects and I have some brochures on this subject.

“However, since enrolling in these family enrichment workshops, my relationships with my wife and my children have improved drastically. I neglected prayers with my family in my house. We have since reinstated family prayers. My personal relationship with my wife has been revived and I am now more conscientious of my wife’s needs. As a result, I am a better minister now to other families in my church”.

Satan targets families, and he knows the importance of strong families in God’s plan. Think about how you’re managing your priorities. How well are you juggling these three balls without allowing any of them to fall on the ground?