CURE Dominicana Hospital, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Hospital Website:

Mission Organization: CURE International

Vision: CURE is a network of hospitals that help bring medical care and the good news of God’s love to both children and families who have curable disabilities.

Hospital Profile: In the Dominica Republic, over 400,000 people have disabilities and many of these are children in lower socio-economic statuses. These disabilities are often curable, but are not the primary focus of local hospitals. CURE Dominicana Hospital began in 2003, serving as a pediatric orthopedic hospital. The hospital has 40 beds and there are currently 5 doctors and 20 RNs on staff. They perform many inpatient surgeries as well as treat many outpatients. There is also a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities where volunteers who speak fluent Spanish can serve. Some volunteers split their time between the hospital and another home for children with disabilities.

Staff: Dr. Glen Rowe, Medical Director. Contact: Miguel Perez, Executive Director. Contact:

Language: Spanish

Charting: Dr. Rowe writes clinic notes in English. Orders and Operative notes are in Spanish. Translators are available.

Religion: Roman Catholic (95%) and other (5%)

Climate: The average temperature is 79°. The greatest rainfall is between May and November. It is sunny and summerlike most of the time.

Time Difference: Eastern Time zone (does not apply Daylight Savings Time, but uses standard time all year).

Country Profile: The Dominican Republic is hot and tropical, with little seasonal variation in temperatures, which averages about 77°F (25°C). Seasons can be determined by rainfall, with October to April being the rainy season on the north coast. May to November is the wettest month in the south of the country. The driest area is the west. Cooler temperatures and lower humidity are generally experienced between November and April, while the mountainous interior is always cooler than the rest of the country. Hurricanes occur on average once every two years on the island, most striking the south of the country in August and September. The busiest time of year to visit the Dominican Republic is between December and April when North Americans take a tropical break from their winters, and from June to September, which coincides with European summer holidays.

Travel: Volunteers fly into Santo Domingo’s Las Américas International Airport (SDQ). Volunteers will be picked up by a CURE staff member or hired driver. The hospital is about a 30-45 minute drive from the airport.

Religion: Historically, Catholicism has dominated the religious practices of the country. In modern times, Protestantism and non-Christian groups, like Judaism and Islam, have experienced a population boom.

For More Information: Contact Sandy Souto by email or by phone at (828) 278-1006.