In Memory Of
Daniel Steinacker - Oberlin, OH

Daniel Glen Steinacker, 70, of Oberlin, Ohio, passed away on December 22, 2022, one week after a cardiac arrest.

Dan was born May 29, 1952, to Glenwood and Norma Steinacker in Howell, Michigan. After Dan graduated from Howell High School in 1970, he went on to study psychology and music at Central Michigan University.

Dan was always driven towards achievement, providing for his family, and loved building things. It is no surprise that after graduating college, his work endeavors started in construction. Steinacker Construction thrived until Dan injured his back. After recovering, Dan began a 10 year career in sales. At age 40 he realized he wanted to provide even more for his family. He quit his job, moved his family, and opened his first hardware store in Fostoria, Ohio. In addition to the store, Dan became engaged in the community by volunteering, joining the Rotary Club and even served as president, singing in the St. Wendelin church choir, and serving as chairman of the Fostoria Economic Development Council.

In May 1975 Dan met Ruth Klewicki on a blind date and they married five months later. On one of their first dates, Dan pretended to love gardening. Little did he know his fib would lead to him digging, planting, watering, weeding, and building fences, raised beds, greenhouses, and garden paths for the next 47 years.

As a family man, Dan loved making things for his family. From jungle gyms, tree forts, and bunkbeds to swimming pools, decks, and entire houses, Dan had a tireless work ethic that was summarized by him always staying up to do “just a little more.”

In his free time Dan loved attending his kids’ sporting events, playing cards or board games. He was competitive, but not too serious in games, as he always smiled or chuckled as conversations unfolded during the games. Dan loved camping and being outdoors. He was always trying new things including learning Spanish, traveling, singing in a barbershop quartet, bowling, raising chickens, shooting, trapping raccoons, harvesting maple syrup, volunteering in disaster relieve, and running the sound booth at church. Even at 69 years old, he found an old book with plans for a teardrop style camper which he decided to build. He worked tirelessly, as usual, to build the camper (later dubbed “The Gramper”). He learned new skills and was excited to do yet one more thing he had never done before.

Dan was a lifelong Detroit sports fan. He witnessed the Tigers, Pistons, and Redwings championships, and somehow loved watching the Lions lose. He was a Michigan State fan but was luckily converted to a Buckeye later in life.

In 2016 Dan retired and spent his time working harder than ever building, with his own hands, a new home for Ruth and himself. After moving in, Dan never quit working. He not only constantly improved his home and property, but helped Luke and Sam with their countless projects as well. Dan showed his love by finding reasons to work just so he could be with his family.

Dan was a wonderful companion, teacher, friend, mentor, and source of strength to so many. He was a man of courage and true child of God. His faith led his life and he honored God through hard work, providing for his family, singing and worship. He did not believe in quitting and was forever starting new projects and helping others.

Dan was predeceased by his father and mother, Glenwood and Norma Steinacker; and his siblings, Phillip Steinacker and Janet Noble. He is survived by his loving wife, Ruth Steinacker of Oberlin, Ohio; his aunt, Frances Steinacker of Laurens, South Carolina; his children, Laura Wellman (Caleb Calvin, Elijah), Luke Steinacker and Tiana (Jacob and Edwin), and Sam Steinacker and Amanda (Wally, Winnie, and Simon); His informally adopted child, Luis Cortell and Shona (Elena and Oliver); and his newest source of comfort and happiness “crazy” Bella his goldendoodle.

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